The change simply sweet part 6 Love turned to blood

The change simply sweet part 6 Love turned to blood

Luna seemed to be getting to trouble and confusion with her thoughts but when thoughts change to actions what happens?

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The Change in feelings

The Change in feelings

Luna pov

We trudged through the overgrowing pine trees and moss often getting our cloths caught on briars or thorns. Glancing to my left at the silent Jeff who had been quiet for most of trip today and then to my right at L.J who was talking non-stop about what was happening at the mansion. As the moon climbed higher through the sky we gradually slowed to a stop agreeing that we would stop to sleep for a while than continue on. Reaching the clearing I halted slightly, before walking forwards and starting up camp. 20 minutes later we had the tents up and the fire burning brightly. Jumping slightly at the feel of something landing on my shoulder I immediately grabbed it and flipped it punching it in the face without thinking. A shocked L.J stumbled back. Omg! Jack. I'm so sorry! I said pulling back. A low laughter got my attention swinging I caught sight of Jeff laughing his Ass off. I told you she changed Laughter! He chuckled out. L.J looked at him before he stalked towards him jerking him up and snapping something into his ear. Then turned and took to his tent. Looking in between the tent and Jeff with slight confusion beforeC taking a seat at the rock by the fire.

--------------- timeskip brought to you by Luna and her confusion  X3 -------------------

Jeff pov.

Looking over to Luna I couldn't help but to notice that the moonlight bounced off of her perfectly, as the stars seemed to glow brightly around her I shifted slightly as I realized what had happened. Fuuuuuuuuuckkk! I thought. You gotta be kidding me. This did NOT happen to me. As my rational thought fought against it stating that I did. As the breeze picked up I felt something soft brush against me turning slightly I found Luna looking into the fire.

Luna pov.

I was thinking irrational thoughts. Thoughts that shouldn't happen. Wouldn't happen. I have L.J I don't need to be thinking about him. Not able to control my thoughts or my eyes apparently I glanced back over again. Only for my eyes to meet his and immediately look back into the fire. My thoughts getting the better of me again I looked back to find him staring into the fire my eyes skimming quickly over his long black hair that I wanted to lock my fingers in and his gorgeous bright blue shining eyes that I wanted to look and me and the lips cut into the curved smile that I wanted nothing more to run my fingers over and kiss and have ravish me to no ends.  A tap on my shoulder brought me out of my thoughts looking up I saw L.j standing over me. Yes? I asked you need sleep as does Jeff. He stated. But there is only two tents? I said in confusion. I'll sleep out here Jeff said. Looking back at L.j as he went back to his tent. I stood only to feel a hand grab mine. Spinning I looked at Jeff, How about a fight? He asked One last time? He said. Agreeing we trotted from camp eventually finding a clearing about 10 minutes away. Sliding down to a battle front, watching Jeff do the same. Slowly circling one another I knew he wanted the first move so I stole it instead lunging towards him slamming into him. He threw me off jumping after me landing a quick hit to my stomach before I pushed back landing several hits to him before he hit me again. Stumbling backwards he jumped me and I hit the ground. Looking up I froze Jeff had me pinned straddling me and and my hands pinned to the floor. Freezing we locked eyes and we were gone surging forward we locked lips my hands tangling onto his black locks and my eyes slipping closed. We stayed that way for god knows how long before we needed air. Pulling back we just looked at each other before Jeff stood pulling me up into his arms swinging me up and carrying me bridal style back to the camp. Standing at the edge of my tent, Jeff turned to leave but instead I stopped him. Tripping him and pulling him back by the hood letting him hit the ground by me with a thud before giving him a smile a leaning back against him.

Jeff pov.

Hahaha She's mine Now. MINE L.J. I silently screamed at him with glee. We kissed. Made out. She is MINE!  Not yours as you stated earlier. Flashing back to the training when we dove into one another I couldn't help but smirk in satisfaction. A flash of movement grabbed my attention but before I could react I was beside Luna as she smiled at me slightly and the leaned against me. Starring at her in shock i could only think that if it was anybody else I would have killed them. Before the tiredness swept us both into dreams.
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