Simply destroyed the follower

Simply destroyed the follower

Years have long passed and Luna has changed. What did they do to make her turn against them? Can she be brought back?

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The Betrayal

The Betrayal

Time skip -45 years- (plz remember in the story Creepypasta are immortal :) )
Luna pov.

Running wildly through the forest I jumped over the logs, laughing as the sirens faded out from behind me. Twisting slightly I jumped into the tree staring at the house as it burst into flames. Frowning slightly when I saw Jeff and BEN run through the door in shock, cursing I jumped from the tree. A low creak from a snapping branch turned their attention towards me. I watched as Jeff froze staring at me in shock while BEN just glared. 'Traitor!' BEN screamed at me. Locking eyes with him I loudly whisper ' you betrayed me first '. BEN froze in his tracks as he looked down with guilt and Jeff looked at me like he wanted to die. A rush of air caught my attention as I spun and ducked. Jane flew over my hair missing me an inch. Throwing the dust in the air, I spun out as the light around them blurred 'Zalgo gives his wishes.' I stated. Before letting the powder transfer me home.

---------------------------------------------- time-skip brought by Grinny attacking smile for taking his food XP --------------------------------------------------------

Luna pov.

walking through the door I was greeted by the emotionless zombies that Zalgo says are his proxies, shoving one out of my way i continue onto the throne room. Slamming the doors back I stalk in to face Zalgo. He grins at me like he dosen't have a care in the world. " You set me up." i spoke quietly. 'Yes, I did I needed to know that you could handle the task given even if it meant harming them.' he drawled slowly. "I don't care about them anymore. I cut all ties remember?!" I snapped towards him. Instead of arguing he gestured for me to go away. Darting from the throne room I continued into my 'dorm' it wasn't exactly a room but it was close enough. Laying in bed I attempted to rest but it instead came to an uneasy sleep as always. Waking a few hours later I sit in front of the mirror and think quietly. I'm miserable but if I had stayed it would have been worse.

---------------------------------------- FLASHBACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKk----------------------------------------------
Luna pov.

I walked towards the mansion soaked in blood, fresh from the hunt that I just took in with Masky. He had become a brother to me in everything but blood. Smiling i drifted into the mansion to find it mostly quiet witch was a rarity in itself. I continued on up the stair and start heading towards the door marked with mine and Jeff's name. The door itself blood stained from older hunts. I reach for the knob and freeze as a loud moan reaches my ears, a moan i know very well. Its a moan that is supposed to be made for me, Jeff's. Snarling I slam the door back to find Jeff pinned to the bed with Jane over-top of him. They both stopped and looked at me Jeff's face freezing with fear and pain while Jane's is a mask of in-difference and smugness. Looking at Jeff I smiled, " I hate her, nothing more?!"  snarled sarcasm dripping from my tone. Both had moved by the time i was leaving, Jeff rushing to reach me before I hit the mansion doors. Darting away from him I fell into the shadows running his IM SORRY bouncing around the trees behind me. I ran and ran, finally collapsing into a sleep. I woke in a bed with a strange man staring at me. Later I would find that he found me and saved me from the Pasta's.

HAI guys! so sorry about the delays in getting you the chapter, to be honest I have considered discontinuing the series but I look at the others that do it and get upset when Im reading something and it ends in the middle so im continuing. Its good to be back and I cant wait to write more sorry again for the bad delays! bri.DROWNED
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