Simplyy destroyed simply sweet new title pt 7

Simplyy destroyed simply sweet new title pt 7

They made camp and Luna and Jeff had an input. But what will Jacks reaction be like?

published on November 29, 201610 reads 8 readers 0 not completed
The Change and Confession

The Change and Confession

Luna pov...

I woke up to a loud shriek, jumping up and looking around in confusion I froze. L.J had Jeff pinned to a tree. Eyes going wide as I darted towards them. Who the hell do you think you are?!  She's mine you motherfuckker! Jack shouted at Jeff. I belong to no one. I stated. It was almost comical Jack dropped Jeff and both looked at me in shock. L-Luna jack stuttered out.  Jeff pulled himself up. Walking around Jack towards Jeff looking at Jeff's darkening cheek anger consumed me. Swinging to face Jack i was pissed. Who the fuckk do you think you are Jack?! I've changed! I'm not the weak little brat that you left behind! I don't love you! I might have cared Jack but never loved. I am NOT your pretty precious star Jack! I'm a fighter. In about an hour I'll be a creepypasta. I don't belong to you. I'm your equal! I shouted! What about him?!  Jack snapped. Looking at Jeff i softened... I-I-i... i love him... i whispered.. i love him.. i love Jeff..  I stated..         Jack froze looking terrified. Swinging to face Jeff i locked eyes with him. Jeff had a smug grin across his face as he wrapped his arms around me and turned to face Jack. A smirk running across his face. Looking back towards Jack i found him staring at me. Let's get going than. He stated.

Jeff pov...

A sound of a branch breaking was all I heard before I was being ripped up. Hitting a tree I felt pain rip through me throwing me awake. Staring into my eyes was one completely pissed off Clown. Who hell do you think you are?! She's mine you motherfuckker! He shouted in my face. I'm one ones.  I was dropped as we turned to face Luna. I watched with a proud smile as she put the Clown back into his place. Then I froze. What about him?! L.J had said. What about me. Looking towards Luna, she was frozen. I.. i .. i.. i love him she whispered.. eyes widening in shock I looked at her in confusion. I love him she stated this time louder than before. I love Jeff. A smug smile spread across my face as she turned to look at me. Walking towards her I wrapped my arms around her a smirk making it's way on my face as I glanced towards the Clown. He looked like he wanted to downright murder me. Let's get going then he stated.

This ones short sorry guys!
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