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Selena's story preview
This is just the preview of her story. Selena is stuck inside a mirror. She doesn't know what happened to her family. This all happened when she was 14. Now she is 16 almost 17. Mephiles frees her out of the mirror. Under one ...
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Survival (1)
Here comes The end Of the world. Some people have survived. The "some" are just kids, on there own. No food left, no water to find, and no shelter to be built. How can they survive if there are enemies looking for them? The ene...
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U high
This is the BIG book of mobians who go to Universe High. Some are Oc's and some are original. If I re-color them no hate please! If you have rude comments keep it to yourself. Still,I don't wanna hear it. And,if you want your O...
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Magic Devils Preview!
This is the story of my Sonic OC's called the Magic Devils. They are magicians and daredevils. This preview contains these characters: Eliot the Cat, Coy the Rabbit, Mario the bear,and finally Larry the Lizard. Please note,tha...
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My book of Sonic O C'S
All these sonic OC'S are mine. Please ask my permission to write or do something with my Oc's. Thank you! ~Brittney (Pic has nothing to do with anything. X3)
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Dollhouse (1)
When Maddie and her friends graduate,and have some fun,they thought the fun never ends. They were wrong.Someone is stalking them,a serial psycho,and killer. The killer is stalking everyone at their house. Maddie has to move out...
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Diamond the hedgehog ( Re-Write coming soon)
Diamond is a princess of Orcia( Or-see-ya). There's an attack and has to leave the kingdom with some freedom fighters. They ask her to join but, another evil group asks her to join too, while kidnapping her. Will she choose goo...
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Night's Quest
Night uncovers a secret.He meets a wild, scared wolf.Night helps her. learn about Night's past, his adventures, what he has to give to t he pack.Night discovers a secret about him he never new he could do.Read this and find out!
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spirit of the wolves 2
story of love, honesty, betrayel, determination, courage. Any wolf can make a difference.Misty goes on adventures.Some parts of the story is intense!
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spirit of the wolves
this story is about how wolves can make a difference.a story about love, betrayel,honesty,determination,and courage.
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