Selena's story preview

Selena's story preview

This is just the preview of her story. Selena is stuck inside a mirror. She doesn't know what happened to her family. This all happened when she was 14. Now she is 16 almost 17. Mephiles frees her out of the mirror. Under one condition: She must work for him. Be evil. Selena agrees only because she had a crush on him. Who knows why. After a week her master is mean to her. Selena's crush thing disappears and she uses all of her freedom time wisely. Selena escapes. Sonic saves her and asks her to join the freedom fighters, Selena doubts herself. Then Mephiles knows her weakness. Selena then works for her master behind Sonic and the gangs back. I am also including Jackie.

published on July 30, 201621 reads 12 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.
Stuck from the past

Stuck from the past


        "Momma? Dad? Sam?"
        No answer. I tuck my knees under my arms.Everyone. My family. Whom I care about.
        Sour tears fall onto the red rose ground. I'm going to die. Really.
        I walk up to the ruby mirror. Those tears fall again. I see couples. That are happy. Then I see a light blue hedgehog crying. My dark blue eyes are glued to it.
        It's like I'm watching her life. Because really.
        I am.
        My eyes shut and I fall asleep. That's normally what I do in this mirror.  My dream was good. But not good enough. I just had to wake up. I laid back down and fell   
        asleep once again.  
        Somebody Picks me up bridal-style. How'd they get here I wonder. Who was here? Why? Questions flowed through my head as I pretended to sleep. I squinted my           
        eyes. I'm free from the mirror! I tried so hard to keep a straight face. That Mobian. He looked at me. I can feel it. I can feel he looked straight at me. C'mon Selena
       back into reality.  It's just that there's something about this stranger. I don't know what. This guy was a black hedgehog with some dark highlights. He laid me down
      on a tan couch somewhere.  That's when I really fell asleep. About 2 hours later I woke up. He was staring at me.
        "Awake are you?"
        "Uh. Y-Yes."
        "Your name?" He raised his voice.
        "S-Selena.Yours" Honestly I don't know why I asked him that.
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