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Did you, yes you, hear about the clowns?
Can someone help me? (1)
No this isn't suicide.....Im not that dumb...Anyways if someone would tell Jackie something for me that'd be awesome...
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Am I am misfit?
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How do I make an animation for Youtube and that is free?
I want to make A wolf's heart animation but I don't know how. Like I want to draw them and put them into action for free.
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Do you like the Pentatonix band?
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How do i upload photos from a ipod touch 4 to a computer?
I've been wondering how to do this. I really want to upload my drawings from my ipod to the computer,but I don't how. It would be nice and helpful. Thanks.
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Do you play poptropica?
do you play this game? I do.My name is calm dragon. Username:Toughwolf398
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Drawing requests? (1)
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Strike or Silver?
Strike the neon hedgehog. Or do you like Silver the best? If u dont no who strike is,read my story!
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How do I get more followers?
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How do you feel about fnaf sister location?
Is Mangle a boy? Who is the girl with the pig tails? Fun time Foxy.? What do you think about the new game? Why is the bear holding a puppet of toy bonnie? Why does the ballerina have sharp teeth? Is that freddy in pink and w...
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