Survival (1)

Here comes The end Of the world. Some people have survived. The "some" are just kids, on there own. No food left, no water to find, and no shelter to be built. How can they survive if there are enemies looking for them? The enemies caused this. There are fighters, who will fight until death. People are alive, but not as humans. One planet is the answer to freedom, away from these living nightmares. One problem, that planet is far, far, away from here. How will they get there? Nobody knows, until now.

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Survival (1)

The memory of saving my sister

        I was alone, locked in my bathroom. My parents on the other side, trying to make me one of "them".  My mom had got bitten, then bit my father. They locked me in here with the key before they fully turned. I am only 13, and my sister is 10. I'm not sure where my sister is right now. I am against the wall, frightened and scared. My parents punching and scratching the door. My mom's hand is under the door now, and she is almost grabbing the key. I can't do anything! I'll get bitten! My heart is beating faster than ever. I stand on the toilet seat. Then I have one of those light bulb moments. I totally forgot there's a small window above the toilet.  I look for anything, anything at all so I can break the window open. I open up the cabinets, and I find a bottle of sunscreen. It's metal! I quickly smash the window open. I squeeze my way out, and I land on my knees.

I turn the other direction, and I see that the roads are cracked open and teared apart. I walk towards the road, when I realize I'm missing something. Yasmin! I quickly sprint inside my house, secretly into the basement. I whisper her name. " Yaz! Yaz! Yasmin!"  " Marin?", she squeaks. "Where you at? Hurry up!" "Under here!", a hand is out from under an old bed we store inside the basement.  I pull her out across the floor. Her black hair, is messy, and her bangs cover her right eye. I hear foot steps and panic. " Come out, come out, where ever you are.", a scary voice says. I grab Yasmin's hand and sprint out of an open window in the basement. We keep sprinting until we no longer here scary hissing. A pond is empty. "Marin, it's getting dark. I'm scared.", my little sister says gripping my arm tighter. "We have to keep going. I can't let us get turned into them.", I explain.

        We keep walking towards the busy mall place and bridge. The red bridge is collapsed, an there's dust and old scraps of building everywhere. My dark purple high top sneakers squeak every time I jump a block. " Come on. I know a place where we're safe.", I say as we enter the mall place and walk up the escalator. An old pretzel place is locked up. I push the chained wall up, enough for Yasmin to go through. Then, I slide under fast, and the wall falls down. All the chairs were on the ground, the counter top menu is broken into pieces, and a small booth is tore up. I point towards the booth, and Yasmin lays on one side of it, while I lay on the tore up side. Yasmin and I wake up as we hear screaming. The screaming stops, and I slide under the wall, along with Yasmin. We sprint down the escalator, and run out the double doors. I only have a red sweatshirt one,  white sweatpants, and dark purple sneakers.. Yasmin has a light pink sweater, and under it she has a tang top, along with grey sweatpants that has faces on it, and only red crocs.

        We run and run, and Yasmin collapses onto the slit open dusty ground. " Marin, I can't keep running. I'll get to thirsty."  "O, Okay. There's no water or any liquids to drink here. We'll find some later.", I managed to say through pants. Yasmin gets up and holds my hand. I then walk slowly out of the mall place, and sit on a dark stained tree stump on a side of the cracked road. " Marin, where are we going?" " Away from here." I get up, my sis following my every move. I stop again, to see one of "them" laying on the ground, possibly dead. It looks like a teenage girl, but her hair is a dark blue along with her mouth and teeth. The girl's skin has dark blue veins popping out, and her hands are stained in blood. And those eyes, are the worst of it, her eyes are red. "Yasmin, don't get to close.", I warn her. Of course, she doesn't listen. The girl almost grabs Yasmin's ankle. She screams and scoots her self back wards onto the road. " Yaz! Are you okay!", I yell. "Marin, I'm fine, I swear!", she says looking at her ankle. " Let's go, before this thing gets up.", I grab her wrist and we leave in silence.

Authors note~ Tell me below in the comment section how you like this story so far. Who's your favorite character ? I hope you like this story as I continue it on later.
        And, I put a lot of effort in this, so no rude comments or else I won't continue on with this. Thank you!
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