Night's Quest

Night's Quest

Night uncovers a secret.He meets a wild, scared wolf.Night helps her. learn about Night's past, his adventures, what he has to give to t he pack.Night discovers a secret about him he never new he could do.Read this and find out!

published on June 08, 201615 reads 6 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

The mystery of the she-wolf

Night sees a glimpse of that wolf again."Who are you, and what are you doing on Shadow pack's territory." The she-wolf looked at him.Night glared and growled.The wolf started running.Night ran after her. This she-wolf could run fast.Night new where she was running to....
The tundra! Night new he had to do something fast before he would get caught on the ice pack's territory.Night thought of something.But, his plan would be risky. The female wolf kept looking back at him.Night realized she was a pretty wolf with natural beauty.He shook his head.Stop daydreaming he thought.The female's pelt shined.She had silver fur, , and pretty green eyes. Every time she would look back, Night saw mysterious colored wind around her.
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