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estella hellpark
tell me
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What are you guys doing right now?
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Answer this truthfully please?[question in the description]
walked into 2020 as a she/they, pansexual, Christian with 10 friends, medium length hair, no glasses, and mostly wore oversized goodies and flannels. I then walked out of 2020 as a he/she/they/it/nym/barkself, pansexual, athei...
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Is it weird for guys to think you wear makeup?
I mean, come on. one of my guy friends came up to me last year and was like "you know, a bunch of guys think you wear makeup". i was surprised cause I never wear makeup cause i dont want to look fake. the closest thing is chaps...
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Can someone give me fashion advice?
I like to mix up my styles like punk and emo or fancy/ tomboy its weird And i need help
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What are you gonna be for Halloween this year? (1)
I’m interested to see what you guys will be cause I have no idea who/ what I’m going to be and I need ideas
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If I put legwarmers in the dryer will it ruin them?
Trying to get revenge on someone I know but I want to be able frame it as an accident. Will this work?
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What's the cheapest quality fursuit maker you know?
asking for a friend 🐾
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What kind of costume would you prefer to be for Halloween this year?
I'm just doing this for fun... ^-^
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y is evry1 attaxing westnfs4lfe
bruh he aint do shit y u all making him a meme
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Which of these wedding outfits is the most pretty? And why.
Also note which one suits the character the best. From left: Rosalina, Peach, Daisy
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What bathing suit do you have?
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What size shoe do you wear?
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Are you also into Lolita or kawaii fashion?
Follow my insta @sammie_starr_sabens
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How do I make a good outfit?
I really don't know how to make a perfect outfit! HELP!
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would you make fun of me for money or just for fun? or not at all
i have a lot of things you could make fun of me for clowns I'm an outcast i have stuff animals i got glasses and braces ok I'm going about to much
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What are the toughest questions on school uniforms?
In my debate I'm on the side FOR school uniforms. What is the toughest questions I can ask? I'd love help and support!
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what do you think of emo and goth people?
Do you like uniforms or no?
In some schools and at work there are uniforms. Do you like them or not? Do you think they make a difference or are they unnecessary? Please accept other people's opinions.
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What are you being for Halloween?
Just curious! ^_^ I'm being a doll, poofy dress with dark and red lipstick, with bunches and maybe a black bow/hairband. I might put some coloured hair spray in my hair too :P and I'm wearing black tights and little black wed...
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