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trans rights?
do we agree? trans rights? trans rights are human rights. yes they are. if you say otherwise go eat a rock. drawing is by @strawbeppy on twitter
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Is it octopie or octopusses?
I really don't know cuz people say both
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dose any one get bulled for being different?
Do you really have depression!?!
I don't think so, nope you are just going along with the great (fake) depression, get outta here!
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How will we save the environment?
Are you against people who harm our planet? What will we do to save this place? Type your answer!
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Has anybody ever woken up from cryogenic freezing?
There are already a lot of persons cryopreserved
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If robots has a personality and such as humans, do they qualify as human?
So, long story short, if there's an uprising of robots who basically seem human, do we treat them as human? The robot has a personality, ways to learn, and can be mistaken as human. Would we treat them like humans?
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Can zebras be domesticated and trained?
Is the Pacific Beetle Cockroach a mammal?
There's a few things about how scientists are studying cockroach milk from pacific beetle cockroaches, which supposedly give birth to live young. Does this mean that the type of cockroach is a mammal? Or is it still an insect?
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If you changed brain and body?
If you had a brain transplant and you later had children would the children be yours or would they be the children of the original body owners children?
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Do you think PETA is bad?
Ok, ok. Before I start let me tell you that PETA is not what it sounds. So here we go PETA is an animal rights group based in Virginia, also home to a high concentration of roadside zoos that they constantly ignore. The corrup...
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What creepy desire have you ever had?
Did you ever have a desire that made you doubt your sanity? Just wondering, for me, it was a desire to torture a human being. (Idk why...)
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How can I to get rid of acne?
So I have some acne, and I don't know what to do. I clean my face daily, but I still have it. I'm pretty active, so I sweat. My sister has acne too, so that might be why I have it. I have a bunch of blackheads on my chin, two b...
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does anyone out there think that maybe somewhere in their genetics there is a bit of an animal like a cat or dog or something?
I believe I'm part cat, my friend Kylie thinks she is part chinchilla, and I'm certain my friend Jordyn is part monkey. your answer can be anything from an Ili Pica (look it up) to a bloodhound. Heck, it could be a Blob fish! ...
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Why does my finger burn even though it looks fine?
My finger burns every time it touches something. But I`ve looked and it looks normal! (I did burn it on some popcorn this morning.) It looks completely fine, but it still burns! Why?
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Is glass a liquid or a solid?
Do you think that glass is a liquid or a solid? Google it if you don't know what the heck I'm talking about; it's really interesting.
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