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What kind of mythical creatures would you see in a steampunk setting?
Trying to make a WW2 based steampunk rp and need mythical creatures My logic is there it's a WIP
3 / 0 by Orange.Soda
Who is what and why is when and where is how?
1 / 0 by My_goal_is_to_have_the_longest_username_on_Q
How do you be a nice person?
I always was a mean person so I only have a few friends. Though I never plan to change my personality I do want to be a little more nice. But... I really don’t know how. What do I do? What do I say? HELP?!
1 / 2 by PrismIsLynx46
How do you get your pervy crush to notice you?
So I have a crush on this VERY perverted guy. Who talks about what girl he wants to give him head. and all that and I just want to do something to GRAB his attention
2 / 2 by DEATH_CP
What is your favorite subject within math?
I’m bored and don’t know what to do.
6 / 4 by provoked.tater
Can you breathe through your nose while humming at the same time?
For some reason I can't do this! It's weird. Idk why but I just can't. Is it a normal thing?
9 / 3 by Ugly.Birds_From.Shiro
How does one make friends in real life?
I'm very bad at it. When I talk to people, I stutter a lot, and I'm pretty bad at reading emotions. I also have low confidence, unfortunately. So, does anyone have any advice? Thank you.
2 / 2 by ThreeBirds
How do you get rid of a blocked nose?
Simple, I have a blocked nose and it is annoying
1 / 0 by SillySantaSausage
What is your favorite thing to do when you at bored?
I'm really bored and I wanted to see if any of you have a "go to" when you are bored. Let me know please?
4 / 1 by Xdizzle
How long should a Cat girl/boy tail be?
I am making a costume for me and my boyfriend to wear their both cat human/neko costumes but I'm not sure how long to make the tails =<
2 / 0 by SamanthaKittyCat
how to recover from death?
In september, someone really close to me and the colorguard passed (michelle) away from ovarian cancer. to this day, i still partially blame myself for some reason, because earlier that day when she was admitted to the hospital...
3 / 7 by melodrama
How do you deal with a crush?
I have a crush on someone and it effects me in a way.
4 / 1 by Crandomizer
What's something that babies always mispronounce?
Not making fun of babies... I have a baby brother
0 / 0 by Ugly.Birds_From.Shiro
April Fools Day Pranks!
What are some good pranks for April Fools day?
2 / 0 by Kat2005
How do I tell my mom that I'm Bisexual?
3 / 3 by
What would you like to know how to do that's farm related?
I'm part of the FFA or Future Farmers of America and I'm doing individual demo. I'd like to do one but I can't figure out what I should do. I need ideas. I would like you to give me ideas. I might choose one, I'll take a video ...
0 / 0 by Library_Guy
Can someone help me with math?
I can't figure out why (3/2)exponent2 + (1/2)exponent-2 * (5/2) = 49/4.
1 / 0 by Veiled
Is it correct to have a space before a question mark? Like: "How are you ?"
I have seen a lot of sentences with space right before the question mark and lots of sentences with the question mark right after the last word. So, I do not know which one is more correct and why: "How are you ?" "How are you?"
3 / 3 by faceme
How do you do an Arial Cartwheel?
I am fairly good at gymnastics, cartwheels and one-handed cartwheels. I do not know how to do an Arial cartwheel, a cartwheel without hands. Do you know how?
3 / 0 by Kat2005
Crazy & Funny :D