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What's your favorite My Little Pony character?
What? Is this pokemons name?
I already know im just asking to see how much you know about pokemon
8 / 13 by Sonicfan
Does anyone know what anime this is?
I'm very curious because my friends showed this picture to me and they say it's from an anime though I'm not sure
4 / 0 by Living_Garbage
Which Fairy Tail character are you most like?
And why?
3 / 0 by HikariGrace_TheEarthDragonSlayer
Who is your favorite transformers pairing?
It could be readerxtransformer, conxcon, botxbot or even botxcon or humanxcon or bot whose yours? From ANY of the universes or series, MTMTE, RID, Bay, TFA, TFP, G1, SG.
0 / 0 by Deviant_lover
Do you still watch cartoons? (1)
I still watch cartoons I don't care what anyone thinks but I am just curious if you guys still watch them.
13 / 7 by anime_rabbit13216
If you had a Death Note, how would you use it?
Would you target evil people, people you don't like, or would you just kill indiscreetly?
2 / 1 by Shadow23654
Death Note Fans! What are your reasons for not liking Near?
Don't worry this isn't a thing where I'm like, "There's nothing wrong with Near, he's perfect!" BUT...if you do like Near, then what are your reason?
2 / 0 by Shadow23654
Any anim3 good enough 4 me 2 watch?
I need some good animes to watch cuz I'm getting super bored super fast
3 / 0 by Wyvren_ice
Do you still watch Cartoons?
Are you at the point where people tell you to stop watching cartoons and, grow up? If so, do you watch them anyway?
11 / 12 by Crab_Cake
Who is your favorite Akame ga Kill character?
I LOVE Akame ga Kill! I wanna know who your favorite character(s) are! I'll tell you who mine are!
2 / 0 by Raarrr
Who's your favorite character in yandere simulator?
Just curious that's all. I would say Kizana sunobu as my favorite character in the game.
17 / 21 by AskJessicaGF
Which Gems are most likeable?
I am not asking, "who's your favorite gem?". I'm asking, "what type of gems do people admire the most?". For example, Pearls, Peridots, Lapis', Diamonds, Etc.
2 / 3 by Crab_Cake
Why is Hetalia so popular?
I'm just wondering why everyone likes it so much? I like it a little bit, but then I see a whole ton of it everywhere! Whyyy?
2 / 4 by Crab_Cake
Who all likes ASDF?
I honestly love it, I mean it's stupid but there's something about it that makes me not cringe at all and just...laugh
0 / 0 by Keeps.Changing.Fandoms
A general knowledge question
This will not be set to profile.. Would you rather be a sneaky snake or slippery snail?
1 / 0 by Keeps.Changing.Fandoms
Crazy & Funny :D