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Has anyone seen "the end of evengelion"?
Who is your favorite RWBY character?
Six volumes and counting, brought to us by the fantastic Monty Oum, may he rest in peace. Everyone's opinions differ, and I'm a naturally curious person. Well? My favorite's Adam Taurus. You?
1 / 0 by DavieFoster
Cartoonists of Qfeast, how did you get started?
People who do comics/cartoons either for a living or just for fun, how did you get started out and established as a comic? Any tips are helpful x
4 / 0 by Nummy_xx
What's your favorite batim character
Mine is Bendy obviously
6 / 2 by Pikaboi266
has anyone heard of TMOM
does anyone here know about TMOM (The Murder of Me by Gig-D on DeviantArt) or read it? Just curious (Also, art is not mine for the cover)
2 / 2 by DarkSpite_Spark56
whats ur fave south park quote?
whats ur favorite south park quote ?
3 / 1 by sadkweenmiu
What's stopping me from eliminating you?!
i need an anime to watch suggestions?
i need anime to watch.
5 / 0 by DemonQueen
Help please descp down
Hey I want to create an acc but q says I've created too many acc when I've just create one but I wanna have a backup acc and I can't do it through any other device because I've logged into all of them. Help
2 / 3 by Hikari_Chan
What are some names for a creepy demon girl?
I drew a pic of her and I dunno what to name her...
3 / 3 by Queenofshadows
Does anybody know any dark fantasy animes
I’m a socially awkward introvert i will assure you you will not be amused I’m the type of person who prefs to stays inside my house on the weekends to read books and study My interests in shows is noting that is trending I ...
3 / 0 by maka12345678
What Is Your Overall Opinion on Steven Universe?
Steven Universe is a tv show on Cartoon Network about a young boy who lives with his three guardians, Garnet, Amythest, and Pearl. We adventure with his through his life and learn just what its like to be Steven Universe, wheth...
10 / 28 by That_Random_Girl
What's an old anime you like but isn't really known by others or doesn't have that big of a community?
This kinda excludes Sailor Moon and any Dragon Ball series that wasn't made this or last year ig.
4 / 3 by pasghetti
Do any of y'all have an idea on who the hell this is? (image)
So I was rewatching some camp camp because im really bored, and scrolling through the comments, I found something related to a random character that appears around the 9 minute mark. It’s probably just a random filler character...
2 / 1 by vapid.fool
Favourite Inanimate Insanity shipping?
5 / 8 by DarkSpite_Spark56
favourite BFDI shipping?
4 / 8 by DarkSpite_Spark56
Explain the premise of Object Shows, but...
To win, accurately sum up any object show of your choice or the genre in general, but these are the words you CANNOT use! Object Item Thing Challenge Island Ripoff/Clone Dream Voting/vote/voted Animated Don't use the names/t...
6 / 21 by Hurrivoi
Can you describe My Little Pony well?
This is an awesome challenge! Describe My Little Pony but, do NOT use the following words: •Friendship •Magic •Ponyville •Canterlot •Defeat •Battle •Elements •Harmony • (Any of the names of the characters)
5 / 7 by FIREquizzer
How can I design a character to look smart, careful, and organized?
Character design is so hard, but what elements can I add to my girl oc to reflect more on these specific personality traits? How does Disney make designs so flawlessly and I try and it look tacky. Just suggestions of clothing, ...
6 / 0 by Hurrivoi
Explain Steven Universe BUT...
Explain Steven Universe to someone who has never watched it, BUT you can't use these words. Gems, Rocks, Gay, Lesbian, Minerals, Fusion, the names of any characters, Mom, Space, or Beach City. Good luck
2 / 2 by Hurrivoi
Crazy & Funny :D