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Do u like Creepypastas
5 / 3 by Lynn203
Who is your favorite Steven Universe character ?
We all love Steven Universe. The show is entertaining and the characters are great. Who is your favorite ?
0 / 0 by Kendall_Descalzi
Who is the oldest member of Why Don't We?
I know the answer to this, do you? Possible Answers (from left to right): Daniel Seavey Corbyn Besson Jonah Marais Jack Avery Zach Herron
1 / 0 by Lila888
Are you allergic to anything?
I'm not allergic to anything, but are you allergic to something?
8 / 8 by EJTheDemonGirl
How do you add text to a picture?
Whenever I upload a pic it automatically uploads without giving me the option
2 / 0 by Jrenner
how do yoy change a profile pic on here on a phone?
Im trying to figure out how to change the pfp plz help lol
2 / 2 by AutiWay
Can i do an ask blog on qfeast?
I what to do an ask blog for Understudies but I don't know how or if its allowed on this website
0 / 0 by KindHuman
Did/Are you have/having a crush on anyone here (qfeaster)
Share your stories. Qfeast asked me to post so here
9 / 8 by SHIRAZURE
who would you be in the qfeast reality tv show ?
I'd be that likeable character that gets killed off
10 / 9 by KoopaQueen
Who do you think is the king or queen of qfeast?
Who do you think is the king or queen of qfeast?
19 / 35 by EmptySoul
Say one word about qfeast
Just say one word for qfeast what’s your opinion in one word
9 / 14 by EmptySoul
Team Arika or Team Axis?
Simple as. Pick one. Arika is a fûcking bitchy savage as fûck teacher. ‘Axis is a penis head.’
6 / 7 by Fuck_yourself_with_a_cactus
who do y'all relate to the most on qfeast?
if qfeast asks me to post more shit im going to bash their heads in with my foot
2 / 0 by temperance
Tell Qfeast something about you.
If you want to, tell me and other people something about you. Maybe your favorite color, your gender, I don’t care just whatever you want to do. You don’t have to, though.
9 / 1 by Warrior_Cats1252
Has anyone ever tried Voodoo ?
I tried voodoo several times. I don't know if this is just a coincidence, but I tried to curse Florida with a hurricane when Irma became a tropical storm and was still far away from here. The reason why I tried it was because a...
1 / 0 by Kendall_Descalzi
Own Character Auditions for New Story!
First of all, thank you for clicking! Second, hello and welcome! This is a chance to get one of your OCs featured in a interactive story I've been wanting to write. It's a short 'horror' (give or take) story where the reader, y...
15 / 10 by sapphirethehedgehog
do any of the old qfeasters miss the drama?
to be honest i miss some of the old qfeasters i used to have lots of fame and lots of drama with lots of old users and i kind of miss the fame and drama of users that have now left. i miss when this place was so active and cont...
4 / 1 by memes_and_communism
Who was your first follower? (1)
I know I followed some people first but then again they don’t follow me
13 / 16 by BatimGal11
What time is everyone on qfeast?
Self explanatory
4 / 1 by Jrenner
Crazy & Funny :D