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Can someone help?
I'm trying to access a certain story on this site but all I get is a blank page. I can't seem to find a way to contact an admin. Can I get some help?
3 / 0 by vampirehuntersephiroth2005
What are you afraid of? (1)
What are your fears. Nobody will make fun of you on this page!
7 / 0 by ABgaminggirl
Is it safe to post pictures of your self on Qfeast?
I don't care if people see a picture of me but not many people post pics of them self so I want to know if its safe?!
7 / 3 by ABgaminggirl
Why do you stay on Qfeast? *PLEASE read the descripton*
Please don't say "I stay for my friends", because I know that's the main reason. Is there any other reason than that?
14 / 3 by queen.nothing
Can I use you for a story?
Okay so I recently got inspired for a story about a Qfeast apocalypse XD and well I was like "Wow... I wanna do something like that" so I was gonna do like The 100 themed thing but with a few qfeasters X3. I just want to know i...
10 / 5 by SamanthaKittyCat
How Do You Change Your Username?
If your parents could choose a husband/wife for you right now, who would they choose?
Basically, if your parents were the ones to choose a husband/wife for you right now, who would they choose?
0 / 0 by icy_winter
Any Question about the Proxy series ?
this is any Question/Suggestion of the series The Proxy
1 / 0 by creepypastafan1
What fnaf character do you mostly get on any fnaf quiz?
Just respond with whatever fnaf character you got the most out of as many fnaf quizzes you took.
1 / 0 by GOLDENFREDDY198726
Have you been blocked by someone you didn't know?
Let's stay you done nothing to someone who you haven't meeted on this site and you get blocked from them
6 / 0 by Hyperthehedgehog
Is my arm broken?
Ok so! I can't feel my arm properly or move my hand. If I try to it really hurts and makes a weird clicking noise! It's super bruised and slightly swollen and has been for the past hour (I fell on it in the past hour) help!
4 / 1 by Cookiebelle
How do you get that information thing next to you're name?
Example: :username: (then in bolded letters) super cool weird person
1 / 3 by DragonsVenom
How easy is it too get 5000 reputation?
What is the weirdest word you've ever said?
Happy Halloween! What would be your costume?
Im just curious! :3 I'll be dressed as a cat.
7 / 0 by GitGudFnaF
Who do I talk to about depression?
I have been told by friends that they think I’m showing signs of depression, and I haven’t exactly been myself lately. Who do I talk to to find out if I am depressed? Help I’m confused and life is hard
5 / 1 by KawaiiMarshmallow
What kind of quizzes would end up trending?
Crazy & Funny :D