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Is my arm broken?
Ok so! I can't feel my arm properly or move my hand. If I try to it really hurts and makes a weird clicking noise! It's super bruised and slightly swollen and has been for the past hour (I fell on it in the past hour) help!
4 / 1 by Cookiebelle
How do you get that information thing next to you're name?
Example: :username: (then in bolded letters) super cool weird person
1 / 2 by DragonsVenom
How easy is it too get 5000 reputation?
What I the weirdest word you've ever said?
13 / 13 by Underswap_lover101
Quiz Sign-Up Sheet
I have decided to make a Guess the Qfeaster quiz. I need between 10-15 entries, myself includec. If you'd like to be in, just fill this out. Name: Gender: Age: Favorite Color: Past Username (if you have one): Favorite Food: Thi...
11 / 7 by Helpless
Happy Halloween! What would be your costume?
Im just curious! :3 I'll be dressed as a cat.
7 / 0 by GitGudFnaF
Who do I talk to about depression?
I have been told by friends that they think I’m showing signs of depression, and I haven’t exactly been myself lately. Who do I talk to to find out if I am depressed? Help I’m confused and life is hard
5 / 1 by KawaiiMarshmallow
What kind of quizzes would end up trending?
Where would you seek refuge during the zombie apocalypse?
It can be any real world place.
3 / 0 by TeamLeoYo331
What would happen if we met irl? (In real life)
I am wondering what if did that
1 / 1 by Hyperthehedgehog
Long time, no see Qfeast!
How many years has it been, 3 or 4 years? Man, I actually forgot about this site. Feels good to be back, time to take a trip down memory lane! So how you folks been doing?
3 / 0 by Icekiller46
When did you join Qfeast?
I joined qfeast on March 31 2014 I think I was 13 or 14 back then
5 / 0 by anime_rabbit13216
Who are you, Qfeast?
Who is the creator of Qfeast?
4 / 13 by Veiled
Which is your favorite?
Seg? Space? Toxic? Seg bot? Jacko? Ink Seg? Or Jojo? You choose. And tell me why.
4 / 4 by Smol_Space_Seg
Continue with comedy anime?
I Love Comedy and slice of life genre. Whatever anime it is shoujo or shounen i like to see comedy in it. But Sometimes i tried to watch horror like Another(saw only the death scenes), Mirai Nikki (it is a thriller but still it...
1 / 1 by Hikari_Chan
Which Fandoms are you in? (1)
I'm in a few fandoms, How bout you?
9 / 16 by EmilyTehPancake
When do you guys go back to school?
I just wanted to know because I'm going back to school on Monday I'm going to be a Sophomore in high school
6 / 0 by anime_rabbit13216
What would you do if I randomly left This Website?
You can only answer this if you care :3
6 / 2 by EmilyTehPancake
What's wrong with the question 'what's your favorite color?'
I see that people hate the question 'what's your favorite color?' I don't see how that question is bad. :/
3 / 2 by Kitten314
Crazy & Funny :D