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What kinds of subjects do Qfeasters like?
Well, it seemes like most of my quizzes are left alone only with 1 response or maybe even 0 responses, so, I am asking what is a topic/subject that most Qfeasters like. Bye!
4 / 3 by FIREquizzer
Does anyone like the Survior story?
I do and this is so amazing and intense! I’m not really into these things but I think I am now! I even thank FireSpark56 for creating the page and story! Hope you answer this if you like subscribed to these!
4 / 10 by Batim17
Does anyone inspire a qfeaster?
That is so hard for me but I have to say Derpyderpjuice because I define him like my brother or friend. Also I think he’s nice and also you guys too! Hope you guys answer this!
5 / 4 by Batim17
How to delete questions?
I made a question a while ago now I want to delete it. How do I do that?
1 / 2 by AirborneRanger24
Who is your Qfeast role model?
I was thinking about this earlier and I'm kind of curious
3 / 4 by EJTheDJ
Favorite weapon?
This is an...odd question now isn't it? ^_^ Don't be alarmed, it's only a question.
6 / 10 by TheQueenOfHell
Does anyone think qfeast is getting a lot of drama?
I’ve dealed with some dramas from my school but they don’t seem as worst as this. I mean the person below me page by Starlight_the_crusader has so much drama that I couldn’t handle among with some other things. To those who doe...
4 / 7 by Batim17
Did anyone got reported?
I just did due to my post and I’m curious if this horrible thing happened to you!
3 / 2 by Batim17
Favorite couple on qfeast?
I mean there are some couples on qfeast but I’m forever alone and I love it!
15 / 47 by Batim17
Does anyone love my quizzes, polls, questions, or whatever?
This is my 100th question and I hope you could answer this!
6 / 12 by Batim17
When does school start for you guys?
I want to know when everybody goes back to school if you still go. I go back on the 13th of August.
7 / 7 by anime_rabbit13216
how long have you been here on qfeast?
ive been here for... 6 months, joined janurary 16 2018 when i made this its july 18 2018
13 / 13 by Blue_star
Is highschool any fun
In 2-3 weeks I start my first day of highschool.
8 / 9 by Derpyderpjuice
Does anyone have a favorite qfeaster
Everybody has a favorite feasted right! So go ahead and answer who’s your favorite.
15 / 35 by Batim17
We must stop bullying!
Did you know that some people kill themselves because they are getting bullied? We must end bullying! And lend a helping hand to those who need it! Who agrees with me?!?
15 / 24 by Starlight_the_crusader
What is your favorite day of the week?
What Is your favorite day of the week? I like Friday,Saturday,and Sunday
8 / 13 by anime_rabbit13216
do you like personality quizzes or scored quizzes better?
i want to do a quiz but i dont know which one to do
5 / 3 by introvertedgirl123
I reached over 50 followers what should I draw for it?
thanks everyone! I have more followers here than real life! I hope by the end of summer I will have 100, but that's a goal to reach
5 / 8 by JaeLovesAnime
Why did you pick what you have as your username?
Do you guys know another language?
Do you know another language. I took 2 years of French
8 / 6 by anime_rabbit13216
Crazy & Funny :D