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What would you do? (2)
What would you do if there's two girls on the roof top ready to jump and end there life.there you see one of them is beautiful and its your future wife but if you safe her she would love u but after a few month she would cheat ...
3 / 1 by Kssnipergirl2002
How do you think of me?
Do you hate me, do you think I`m annoying ect.
8 / 5 by Dark_Shadow08
Is it normal for me to be seeing shadows and hearing voices in my head?
I have been seeing random shadows and I have also been hearing random voices in my head... is that normal?
5 / 0 by Dark_Shadow08
Anyone still here?
I joined this site back in 2013 when I was literally a teenager... anyone else still here from years ago? To be honest, I only just discovered I made an account here from when I was 14. I hardly use this place, but curious any...
13 / 8 by SmeeHooks
why do people i am nice to block me without giving weason why?
was it something i said?
1 / 0 by sirene
Suggestions for new username
13 / 20 by All_hail_Melon_King
whats your biggest fear?
comment whats your biggest fear that you want to share!<3<3<3 and yes i put BEN's pic cause just look at ma precious bean right there!? he's just too cute to resist<3<3<3
6 / 1 by Kssnipergirl2002
I love a non vegan/vegetarian
Uhm...My family consists of all Vegan or vegetarian people and I love this one guy who is not a vegan but I love him very much although I don't think I can change my habits . I can't bear the smell of meat. No hate please don't...
3 / 4 by Nyanko.sama
do you guys care about me?
1 / 1 by Lynn203
Would u prefer qfeast with or without drama?
u have to explain whyyy
5 / 4 by shallot
How long have you been on Qfeast? In years
15 / 9 by CreepypastaFanAndBFF
Are you from Mars?
R U from mars? I am. (tranlation(beep boop bop) Bee Bo Boo Beep Bop? beo Boo!)
1 / 0 by CreepypastaFanAndBFF
how did you come up with your username?
what is the reason behind your username?
18 / 23 by sadkweenmiu
A stupid question
Well I'm just wondering what to wear so can you guys decide I guess? All black or all skin color?
2 / 3 by Kssnipergirl2002
What should Cringefest be changed to?
Of course, I still want Cringefest up; it's one of the OG pages. However, I don't want Cringefest to be making fun of people who aren't doing anything wrong now. Should it be changed to cursed images? Cringey cursed images? I'd...
2 / 4 by cairngorm
ok seriously) should qfeast have a "comment awards" style post-reading channel?
i didnt know how to word this one. you know youtubers like ailurus, emkay, and slazo that all read stuff from tumblr/reddit? do you think it would be cool if qfeast got its own series like that
8 / 4 by Aureospace
who are the qfeast bourgeoisie? just askin
am i cool too
12 / 15 by Aureospace
Is there a way I can erase qfeast emojis?
If Qfeast had a makeup line to represent itself and its users, what would that look like to you?
It's 5:34 AM and this is literally all that's on my mind. But honestly, get creative with this. What I mean is... If there was a makeup line to represent Qfeast, what would it look like? Would Qfeasters have their own eyeshadow...
8 / 15 by cairngorm
Crazy & Funny :D