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Do you think flamingos are magestic or creepy?
I am getting some new chickens and I need names
I already know one , but the other I just can't think of. Also, I love this picture !
6 / 0 by Redtail_warriors
What gender is my budgie?
I took a picture of his beak as I know that helps.
4 / 0 by riannalouisegalloway
How can you get rid of chicken lice ?
My chickens have lice and my Mum and I need help so have any ideas plz share
2 / 0 by Funnywarrior25
Give me a fact about eagles!
Gimme a fact! :D *Few days later* Ugh. Any Qfeaster who says 'She means actual good facts' or somethin like that , listen to this ... IDC! ANY TYPE OF FACTS IS GOOD ENOUGH! This is suppose to be a fun question , not using it ...
10 / 10 by pinkie09
Fav kind of birds?
Meh. Get this alligator pic!
5 / 0 by Scootaloo
HELP!!! please, my bird could die of this
My 2 year old female budgie, Florence, is attacking my male, Rio, for absoloutly no reason, and my other female Heidi, once bit Florence trying to protect him, and Rio just does nothing, I got them 3 days ago, and they were hap...
10 / 0 by fleur22045
What Do You Think My Name Is In Real Life?
I will give a shout out to anyone who guesses right. Okay here are the hints: I am a girl It begins with B It has a weird meaning (which I will say if you get it) PS: I don't know why I put birds as the category
8 / 0 by itsmyblogsoimpostingwhatiwant
Crazy & Funny :D