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Do you people call it sunscreen or sunblock?
Or something else. but if you call it sun cream or something like that, I’ll smash my head through my window.
9 / 5 by angry.potate
Do you have a favorite COMEDY CENTRAL show?
Ofcourse you know mine: Friends
6 / 6 by FIREquizzer
Did something unusual happen to you?
Did something unusual happen to you? For example, I always have nightmares if I do not have a blanket.
4 / 1 by FIREquizzer
Tell me a funny story
Me and my friends were roleplaying as characters we made. I can't remember how it started but we started shouting "fetus deletus". My character can turn into a wall and is the "husband" of the family. Apparently the mother went...
4 / 3 by bananawolficorn
What is the nickname that your friends gave you?
Mine was banana
8 / 12 by bananawolficorn
Anybody have good office pranks?
My mom wants to prank someone at her work and i need some help coming up with ideas. She said that she would do this prank on friday the 13 since the person useually takes the day off but they have no more vacation days :3
9 / 13 by Starlight_the_crusader
Favourite Mythical creature?
7 / 11 by FireSpark56
Who is the master of shitpost?
4 / 7 by angry.potate
Ever after high character?
I have a friend who loves ever high and I don’t mind, plus I used to love this!
2 / 2 by Batim17
Did anyone ever watch happy tree house friends when they were younger?
I watched it when I was younger and I liked, but now it's an oof to me now
5 / 0 by anime_rabbit13216
If animals could talk, which would be the rudest?
My little pony character?
I know some of you guys love my little pony such as SparkleHeartOwl and my old best friend Payton from Fletcher elementary. If you don’t have a favorite character, you hate this, or don’t know it then don’t answer this and look...
4 / 4 by Batim17
Jake Paul or Logan Paul?
Team 10 or Logang? Or neither?
7 / 10 by asherangelfan2018
Can you guys give be some boi names?
I made a new oc and can’t name shit ;w;
10 / 11 by angry.potate
Do any of you people know about a free animation program?
Other than Flipaclip and things like those. Also something that I’d be able to get on my crummy little iPad mini that I got two years ago-
5 / 9 by angry.potate
It this irritating?
1 / 0 by Batim17
Do you like Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, or Markiplier or all the above?
Do you love these popular youtubers, well tell us who you like out of these three!
3 / 2 by Batim17
What is so special about fortnight?
9 / 9 by Lavender_Blue
What's your biggest fear?
Tell all your fears. It can be anything even a poisonous plant.
7 / 1 by LeRoiDesSapins
Crazy & Funny :D