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What is your favorite thing about Easter?
Its never to early to talk about easter!
3 / 0 by kittyandkendal
What's the best temperature to swim in a swimming pool?
Tell me the degree in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
1 / 0 by LeRoiDesSapins
What is your favorite thing to do when you are bored/alone?
I know lots of these questions are already made but i decided to make one because i haven't posted anything for a while and i'm just sitting here bored and alone so yeah.
4 / 0 by lolgamer3
Losing my Mind Meme help?
Okay so i'm doing on of the animated memes that can be found on youtube and I need help figuring out how to go about the part when the character is suppose to freak out and when the line of the song is "feels like something is ...
1 / 0 by DragonTale_Sans
What is your favorite anime character?
Got a favorite anime character? Tell me! I'm interested in learning about new animes!
7 / 4 by dearex
What happens if I set soap on fire?
Dishwasher soap, bar of soap, any kind of soap. I need rep points.
3 / 4 by RaspberryJello
If you try to fight me how will you do it?
I will tell you if your move could do the trick.
4 / 3 by Darkwolves
Hanahaki Disease?...
Have you ever heard of the Hanahaki disease? It is a fictional disease where one person is coughing up flower petals in a one-sided relationship. Ever felt like that, you love someone but they don't love you back? Any thoughts ...
2 / 1 by shygirl23
You have one wish
make a wish...
8 / 2 by ABgaminggirl
What is the worst thing to happen to you at school?
What is something bad that has happened to YOU personally at school? It can be anything from getting in trouble (like really long detention or suspension) falling victim to zero tolerance polices, getting bullied, getting badly...
3 / 0 by SmashPrincess
Chance at Yugioh?!?
Have you tried to play Yugioh? Would you like to try the game, if you have not done it yet? Is it fun, or boring to you?
2 / 2 by shygirl23
What's your favorite aesthetic?
Just put your favorite kind of aesthetics! (I.E: Color scheme, cliche, ect.)
3 / 0 by Ghosty.Boo
Who's your favorite undertale charater?
For me its either Papyrus or Sans i love the others as well but...I love them so much!
4 / 0 by CrazygamerWolf234
What're your favorite memes?
Just as the title states. (I'm literally only making these for Rep. Points...)
1 / 0 by Ghosty.Boo
Change Yourself?
If you could change one thing about yourself ( and cannot change it ever again), what would it be? And why? What do you think would happen if you changed yourself, everything the same or different?
7 / 7 by shygirl23
What harsh truths do you prefer to ignore?
How can you act like yuno from the future diary's?
My friend just saw the future diary's and now wants to act like Yuno from it,PS: She doesn't have a boy friend, but a crush, but the crush used to bully her
2 / 0 by Animalrock505
Crazy & Funny :D