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JROTC: What is it? Join maybe?
So I'm almost gonna be in highschool in a few months and the highschool I'm going to has JROTC. I'm thinking of joining. I know what it stands for but what exactly do you do and is it a good choice to join? How does it affect y...
2 / 0 by The.Ice.Is.Melting
Do you like sushi?
7 / 13 by Pockyuwu
What is your favorite Disney movie? (1)
What is ur favorite movie from Disney?
4 / 2 by Zoey.2
Would you rather be a veterinarian or a doctor?
I personally would rather be a veterinarian. What do you think?
1 / 0 by icy_winter
What YouTuber Are yo?
4 / 1 by apashu2000
Do you know what you want to do as a career?
If you do, then why? What made you want to do that one thing as a career?
5 / 0 by Bookworm10
Any tips for pepole going to the Eastern Carriribein?
So in July me and my family are going on a cruise and even though it's like 3 months away,I'm planning and researching things.The ports,room,activities,activities and I've made sure I know how many hours we will stay at each po...
0 / 0 by EclipsedWolf13
what is ur dream/goal in life?
what do u want to do when u grow up/ what is ur goal?
4 / 2 by bionicpiggy15
I don't know what to do with my life
i think im having a mental breakdown im 14 & they're making me choose what subjects im going to continue with for GCSE etc. everyone i know already knows what they're going to do, and pretty much have their life sorted out. Ex...
2 / 1 by hesitantalien
Was/is high school different than expected?
Was/is your high school experience different than you expected when you first entered?
2 / 0 by Mcdazzle2000
who thinks school is a waste of time?
I understand that we have to get are exam result in order to get into collage but I don't get it, I love English it is the only thing in school I can really tolerate, and yet almost every day im forced to do maths and science w...
3 / 0 by meMEme13
I'm going to be in middle school
PLZ omg I'm going to 6th grade I need tipzz oh plz oh plz oh plz give me every detail I'm so depressed right now
7 / 3 by Wolfaswag
How do you feel about High School story?
i love it! I just started 2 weeks ago, and I hope I'm not the only one that likes it! :O
11 / 0 by Hogwarts_Huntress
How do I get people to stop hating me for doing a good thing?
So, recently we've been doing a play and there's been A LOT of drama around it and now everyone hates me because I've taken a leadership role with the teacher. So, I'm not just sure if it's jealousy but now people are spreading...
1 / 0 by Elleyd
What is your favorite subject in school?
I know school can be boring at sometimes but commet below what you like about school and what you hate about school?
6 / 0 by Claramarie116
Crazy & Funny :D