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Taking lint applications
Jay just went into debt with lint so I need to get lint for her Any color is appreciated thnx
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What do you want to be when you grow up? (1)
I'm really curious see...
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If you got a strange call from somone offering you a job as a nightguard, would you except?
I probably would but it'd be risky.
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Do you like to eat fast food and why?
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Do you know a good way to make money as a teenager?
Okay so I am fourteen years old i wanna star making money and working i am pretty good with children and babies i plan on babysitting or selling my drawings i got a amazing talent with Art i am amazing at getting ideas for stor...
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What do you want to be when you grow up?
Don't worry if you want to be a LOT of things when you grow up. If you have more than one job interest, that means you're a multipotentialite, which basically means you want to be a lot of things when you grow up. Anyway, when ...
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Is there an occupation for studying religions?
I was wondering, because I know there's other occupations for studying things too. I'm really fascinated by the different cultures and religions out there. I Googled it and got nothing. So do any of you guys know?
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what is your dream job? tell me,we r friends!!!
we all have a dream job that we want to do in our future like Doctor,Scientist,Dentist,teacher,advocate,architect engineer,engineer,Businessman,fashion designer,... etc. what you will be in future?what is your dream job? tell m...
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what is s.m.a.r.t in business
can you give me examples
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I need to find some online Literacy and Numeracy tests, can you help?
I have looked online via google and i can't find anything that can help me, i want somthing that will allow me to see the results after i finish the test.
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new employers number
what number/code do i have to ask for off my new employer to give to working tax credits??
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hiring a friend. is it really allowed?
Hello, My manager hired one of his best friends, he gave her a part time contract. this lady(let's call her Jill) is a total nightmare: she is incompetent, she has a very bad attitude towards her colleagues and her supervisors ...
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moving to a fixed term contract
I have worked for the NHS on a permanent 20 year contract. If I change my job and go on a 12 month fixed contract, will I loose my long service benefits such as holiday entitlement, pension.
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where can a 14 year old get a job
i am 14 years old and need money is there anywhere that could hire me.any answer much appreciated. Thank you
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