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Whats your favorite part of school?
my favorite part of school is gym! whats yours?
3 / 0 by YettyTube
do you go to lincoln elementary/junior high/middle school?
I want to know if and Qfeasters are in lincoln? Ever heard of the Stinking Lincoln? Thats the School i go to. if you do not go to lincoln, dont awnser this. (This is the photo of the school)
3 / 0 by YettyTube
What are the pros and cons to being homeschooled?
Do not joke- I need serious answers. The reason I ask this is because my current situation is getting difficult. To put it simply, my teachers are putting too much pressure and any time I ask my extracurricular teachers to le...
4 / 1 by RaspberryJello
what does lmao mean?
7 / 0 by lilblue
How do I function in society?
Help I forgot how to socialize I need rep points thanks
4 / 0 by RaspberryJello
Heh heh I bet you cant solve 2+2
5 / 13 by Mataways
What was y'alls least favorite subject in school?
She's Forcing Me to Confide?!
Hey. So sometimes at school, I get really upset and depressed because of personal reasons (usually about once a week). And I have this one teacher, and she almost always notices when there is something wrong and asks to see me ...
1 / 0 by AwesomeGirl123
Why Do I Keep Dreaming of Her?
Hey. This week, I have no school. But these last two nights, something weird's been happening. I've been dreaming. About my favorite teacher. Lemme tell you a little bit about my teacher. Her name is Ms. N. Her class is always ...
1 / 0 by AwesomeGirl123
Do you think children under the age of 16 should be allowed to transition with pills/surgery?
Do you think a child under the age of 16 should be allowed to determine if they want hormone pills or gender change surgery to be trans, or if their parents should not be allowed to let children make such a life changing decisi...
5 / 5 by Slow.Motion
What's your favorite year at school so far?
2 / 0 by Cold.Colorful.Biscuits
Did My Teacher Do The Right Thing?
Oki. On Friday I was really upset (about personal reasons), and laid my head on the group table, and she was walking around checking homework and I guess she noticed that I was depressed and she went to my level and asked if I ...
5 / 1 by AwesomeGirl123
do you have any anime recommendations?
i have watched many many anime shows and i do not know what to watch. do you have any recommendations?
2 / 0 by morgan5021
Do I Kiss-Up to my Favorite teacher too much?
She is amazing. Here is the things I do: ~Always volunteer to pass out papers, collect papers, and stamp homework. ~Sometimes help her outside of class ~Always try to sit in the front ~Ask her if she's ok if she's upset (ON...
1 / 0 by AwesomeGirl123
What is My Teacher Doing?
Ok. SO basically, all year I've been kinda negative, saying things like "Oh I probably did this wrong" or "I don't know cause I suck". On Tuesday, she kept me in after class on how I need to be more positive and how I'm a great...
1 / 0 by AwesomeGirl123
Do you guys have stupid people in your classes at school too or is it just me?
No offense, but the guys and girls in my class are sooo stupid! And they are really perverted too :l
Do you feel lonely or left out in your life?
9 / 2 by Vilight_the_storm_wolfgirl
On a scale of 1-10, how strict are/were your parents?
Yep self-explanatory.
14 / 1 by blurryirony
what do you think of school violence?
I'm doing another assignment for school, so can you please tell me what you think of school Violence?
2 / 2 by jasmine.gower
Crazy & Funny :D