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TW) Your opinion on She's Sweet But a Psycho?(song)
TW? So like I know some people say it's like the anthem for the "edgy girls who luv Jeffie xD im so psycho it's cute knifey knifey." But how do you interpret it? Is it truly problematic and does it romanticize mental illness o...
4 / 8 by The.Ice.Is.Melting
Doing some new art, what's ur opinion?
So i'm going to be drawing 4 characters from different animes. 1.) Ikaros-Heavens Lost Property 2.) L-Death Note 3.) Crona-Soul Eater 4.) Zen- Snow White with Red Hair
1 / 0 by Dreggon
Drop usernames
7 / 7 by Cameron.Boyce
I need someone to draw
One boy One girl First come first serve And I need a picture
3 / 0 by M.andrews1
Story au idea thing?
Ok so I have this au im in the works on, and guess what? It's not Eddsworld for once. It has to do with my new obsession Sanders Sides. I kinda wanto to write a story with it but im not sure if I want to post it on here. What a...
1 / 0 by Edd_gy.Future.Cola.Boi
Got opinions?
Hey guys I want to draw BNHA characters as animals but I don't know what animals I should do. I have look at Goggle already but I still can't decide so I need your opinion please.
2 / 2 by Lullaby_Lucy
do you like sasuke?
i love sasuke do you know sasuke he is my favorite sasuke mmm sasuke time baby
1 / 0 by sirenix
auctioning off somebody
weโ€™re auctioning off a cheerleader decent condition thiccy boy brownish hair freckles strong give me your offers
13 / 0 by silly.goose
Is it ok to post a pic of me in a bikini
Itโ€™s my first time in my whole life going swimming and my first time wearing one Are you guys uncomfortable with me posting it orrr?
5 / 8 by M.andrews1
Who wants me to draw them?
Bored please hell
3 / 0 by M.andrews1
How much would you pay for a hand-painted skateboard?
Need so I can price one accurately
1 / 0 by sodagalactics
Does anyone know Jill Scott?
I like of music as well as the new
0 / 0 by FuckYou
Help me steal Graysons lunch money
He called me a majorette so Iโ€™m stealing his lunch money but I need help because heโ€™s like 6 feet tall and buff
1 / 0 by silly.goose
Should we let Pete join Shoequeer?
P e t e
3 / 0 by shoequeer
make porfil pic
0 / 0 by bill67
What's your favorite color
5 / 1 by SuperLion231
I need advice!
So there's this girl I like and I dunno how to tell her ... She is one of the best people ever uh how do I tell her?
1 / 1 by Queenofshadows
what would you consider Shoequeer?
gang? squad? team? cult? religion?
3 / 4 by silly.goose
Crazy & Funny :D