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your opinion about K-pop
I've never covered this topic so,... , here it is tell me your opinions and be honest! but don't be too harsh/rude ~~
1 / 1 by SHIRAZURE
i want to make a species any ideas?
i wanna make a new furry fandom species could anyone give me ideas and names?
2 / 0 by B3n_dr0wNeD
Artwork for the cover page
Im making a story in watt pad. I need artwork for cover page. I could make one for myself but krita.exe stopped and blocked my laptop (RIP) I will credit you with your permission . I hope you can help. I want a realistic artwor...
2 / 1 by SHIRAZURE
What do you girls (Or gay/bi boys) look for in a guy?
Snatched this one from Sam, woo. Question is self explanatory. There’s a lot of types of guys, bug, buff athletes, soft femme boys, edgy emo dudes. What’s your preference?
9 / 6 by NiaLaBeada
what do you want me to draw?
4 / 0 by briannacullencc23
Which ARTHUR character is best?
Buster Baxter be best boi
1 / 0 by Ice.Moon.Melting
Can you tell me if I'm banned?
Okay so I'm logged out of my account Jason_the_hedgehog and it doesn't do that feture were I can post on my wall in Jason_the_hegdegog profile any ways am I banned?
5 / 3 by Hyper_the_hedgehog
what kpop group do u like?
What is it like to get ur period and do u likekpop and witch ones do u like
3 / 1 by Wrayne
Do you guys like this rap I made?
New bag full of shit that soulja Slim ya know that boy big dez I'ma keep on watching me mayn Know the homie hittin the pavement hustlers It up the rocks that's how yo Money and I ain't got no servant To serve somebody I'm tell...
2 / 2 by Jaimeplayz
How to stop chewing ?
So, for as long as I can remember, I’ve had this habit of compulsively chewing on everything from pencils, to clothing, and even my fingers. Sometimes I don’t realize that I’m doing it, it just happens. It’s gotten to a point w...
6 / 0 by NiaLaBeada
Who plays Cheryl Blossom in the Tv show Riverdale?
I know the answer to this, do you? Possible answers: Madeline Pesch Madi Peters Madelaine Petsch Lili Reinhart Lily Raine
1 / 0 by Lila888
When was the movie Spider-Man: Homecoming released?
I know the answer to this, do you? Possible Answers: 2018 2014 2017 2015 2016
1 / 0 by Lila888
Who is the youngest member of Why Don't We?
I know the answer to this, but do you? Possible answers (from left to right(: Daniel Seavey Jack Avery Corbyn Besson Zach Herron Jonah Marais
1 / 0 by Lila888
Do you think my art is bad?
I get very self-conscious a lot and I just wanted to know
8 / 16 by KindHuman
Aesthetic Editing
radical.radish what is that or better yet what is a good aesthetic editor I can use
1 / 0 by JayAnime
Any art mediums you guys recommend?
I've been trying to get out of just sketching, so recommend some things (:
2 / 2 by KoopaQueen
Youtube special video ideas
I wnated to something special and unique than my regular Amvs. Any ideas. It can be anything like a giveaway, challenge, Reaction to , animated, etc
3 / 3 by SHIRAZURE
What are yalls opinions on Hollywood Undead?
I think the questions says it all.
Crazy & Funny :D