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Have my Drawings improved over the last couple of months?
I was just wondering...
2 / 2 by DoggyQuizzez
Who is your favourite youtuber? XD
Mine is SarasBeautyCorner
4 / 1 by SillySantaSausage
Do you consider yourself pretty/handsome?
I consider myself Ugly, What about you guys? Don't be afraid to be honest!
1 / 0 by SillySantaSausage
Any ideas?
Im bored
1 / 2 by Smol_Space_Seg
Is this an okay drawing?
Just wondering is all. It took me awhile to find something to draw...Um, Right! Anyway just rate it please. Um, right, their dialogue is below this. Panel 1 Princey/Roman/Creativity: This is called yogurt-ing, I've actually tr...
3 / 4 by Mr.Toast
Who is your favorite out of these two?
Alex or Galaxy! Who is the most cutest.! Tell me why. This is also a 🆚 match.
6 / 6 by Smol_Space_Seg
Would you be interested if I started a Redbubble?
Redbubble is a website that allows artists to sell merchandise.
1 / 0 by Lupin.The.Wolf
I'm doing a 16 art style challenge, so wanna join?
I'm going to do 16 art style challenge so I'm taking I know, comment if you want me to try to draw in your art style or one you want me to do. (For your art style) Draw a dog and a person for me, so I can work off it. This is i...
3 / 0 by Mr.Toast
What is the best drawing tablet?
I've been looking into different drawing tablets. I know there are many digital artists on qfeast, so I would like to call upon public opinion. I don't have a concrete budget yet.
4 / 1 by Euphoria
What Weapon(s) does Masky (Creepypasta) use?
honestly idk so this will help me out for some of my sketches.
3 / 0 by Jeff_The_Killr
Who esle agrees that this is all you want for X-mas?
Just asking all the hardcore anime watchers
6 / 3 by Jeff_The_Killr
Who's your favourite artist? (like drawing and stuff)
They don't have to be famous, hell, one of my favs is my mum!
2 / 0 by Obsidian_Scars
What if _?
Your favorite YouTuber just joined qfeast, and followed you. You got into an argument, they saw and called you a prick. They block you, and report you now you're banned. How do you react?
2 / 0 by AngelicPhoenix
Do you ever watch your siblings cartoons(or just watch them yourself) and start shipping the characters?
Like you imagine them in the future and then you instantly see which ones will go together and which ones will be lonesome?
18 / 0 by TylerWay
What is life's greatest life moment in all of life?
2 / 2 by THE.GREAT.PAPYRUS.and.sans
what do you draw the most?
what is the one thing you draw more than anything else
7 / 0 by PrincessLuna1
Do you have any tips on drawing with a mouse?
I'm making a wolf animation it's sucks cuz I'm using computer any tips on drawing with a mouse?
2 / 0 by WolfRavena_CharaLover_UT_FNAF
Why do people like anime?
Not asking because I don't like people who like anime, or am going to completely bash it- I'm just curious. I personally harbor a small grudge against anime because whenever I tell people I animate, the first response I get is ...
2 / 0 by saberteeth
Tell me about your Zodiac
Okay so I'm actually gonna do this Manga thing and I'm actually going to draw a Manga about the Zodiacs being stupid as hell The only Zodiacs I know really well are Aries and Gemini (South is a Gemini and I'm an Aries that's wh...
5 / 1 by Northern_Narnia
Crazy & Funny :D