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hi im not busy who wants art
I'm only drawing people, and making small doodles, inspired by catharsis. so please, hmu on this question only with links to any useful selfies or portraits of you!
6 / 0 by Aureospace
React to this (first one)
I can't multiply and I'm 14 years old but I can divide
2 / 1 by Samanthavs.Zero
What do you think life would be like if John Lennon was still alive?
would there be much of a change? more drama? more twitter posts? what do you think?
0 / 0 by pasghetti
I have no ideas for what to draw..have any drawing ideas?
Please help me!
1 / 0 by Queen_Angel_123
Fave anime?
Mines AOT :3
8 / 14 by Brilliantine17
Oh my god who touched Sasha?
Alright who touched my gun!?
2 / 3 by Firey_is_back
How do you think I get disliked?
So I'm disliked on this Web by a few people but how?
1 / 1 by Firey_is_back
i cant tell if this is like a sadistic commentary art project or a legit advertisement from 1950, but i think its the former
i cant tell if this is like a sadistic/modern commentary art project or a legit advertisement from 1950, but i think its the former. anyone know?
2 / 2 by Aureospace
Give me Benedict Cumberbatch puns
Don’t question it, just give me puns. Thank me later.
5 / 2 by sherlocked
Whats yours fave Pokemon? :3
Mine’s Eevee :3
9 / 5 by Brilliantine17
Does anyone have a song suggestion for me?
I love music I just wanna listen to something else
16 / 17 by Samanthavs.Zero
wisdom teeth or something else?
so I already know my wisdom teeth are coming in— you can see them starting to come out a bit. however, I’ve also been getting headaches and I’m wondering if they could be caused by my teeth? they’re like pretty dull and minor...
2 / 2 by
So my autism doesn't get this?
So, when someone finds out I have aspergers, here's 2 reactions that come up: "You don't look autistic" and "Prove it" How do I prove my autism- how DO I- HELP WHAT IS AN APPROPRIATE REACTION Do I just go "lemme just become ...
3 / 9 by Orange.Soda
dont know what to draw help?
1 / 0 by DemonQueen
Title ideas?
I might make a Zegron Backstory. I will try to seperate the paragraphs. Ok so here is the plan. Zegron was one of the first ever robonavals, before they were called robonavals. It was him, 3 brothers (Petagron, Zingron, pano...
3 / 3 by Stop_The_Derpabuse
Do you like cooking?
This is just a random question
7 / 11 by MilkAndHoney
your opinion about K-pop
I've never covered this topic so,... , here it is tell me your opinions and be honest! but don't be too harsh/rude ~~
2 / 2 by Hikari_Chan
i want to make a species any ideas?
i wanna make a new furry fandom species could anyone give me ideas and names?
2 / 0 by B3n_dr0wNeD
Crazy & Funny :D