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help! HElP!
im singing a song for my college course but it has to be from a musical I dont know ANY musicals
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Who is your favourite actor?
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what do i do to get it of my mind?
so me and my sister (who came back) were scrolling threw instagram when we came across a video that said sensitive content. we decided to watch it. that was a mistake. what i saw was a man being killed and ripped open. i cant s...
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any anime suggestions?
i just want to see anime
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What's your favorite Musical? (1)
I've been listening to a lot of musical soundtracks, and I want more to listen to. So, let's have it folks! What's your favorite musical?
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Weebs, what are your top 5 animes?
My top 5: 1. Inuyasha 2. JJBA 3. DBZ 4. Akame ga kill 5. Pokemon: black and white
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How do I follow my dream of becoming an actor when my parents think I'll never be able to do it?
I want to act but my mom and step mom say its pretty hard to get into which I understand but its what I want to do.
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Have you seen Detective Pikachu?
I haven't yet but I want to watch it
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Know of any adorable cinnamon roll characters?
Any charcters from a show/book/cartoon/anime/etc that are adorable little cinnamon rolls? Like just some pure wholesome maybe dumbasses but adorable idiotic annoying or cinnamon roll characters? Thnx.
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What's your favorite Hamilton song?
I just listened to Wait For It for the first time and can honestly say that it is now my favorite song ever (except maybe Brooklyn's Here, from Newsies).
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What's your favorite musical?
Whether it's on or off broadway, people really love musicals most times! The community is always so amazing when a new production flutters fourth. But what would be your favorite musical? A hard question to answer, I know!
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Does anyone watch Umbrella Academy? Has anyone read the comics?
I LOVE Umbrella Academy, but no one else here (I think) does, since no one even uses this website anymore lol. If anyone does watch Umbrella Academy, let me know and we can form a club or something lol. Also, if you do watch Um...
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Who is your favorite broadway Newsie?
There are many newsies. Jack, Crutchie, Davey, Les, Race, and all that jazz. My favorite's Crutchie. How 'bout you?
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Memes or no?
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How to cut someone out of my life without hurting their feelings?
I’ve been talking to someone who’s always extremely negative and always brings me down. It’s gotten to the point where I feel as if the only solution is to cut her completely out of my life, but I want to do so without hurting...
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Do you have some Musical Recommendations?
Need me some new musicals to listen to ~ I've been listening to the same soundtracks on my phone for a while new, so if any of you could hook me up with a cool musical, that'd be nice.
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Is QUBO underrated?
Childhood again. Turbo Dogs, Rupert, I Spy, 3 2 1 Penguins, that channel is lit. Pippi Longstocking. Jane And The Dragon. My chuldren will hear bout that.
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Need some Romcom movies
Not anime . Just movies. Searching for english movies but other languages are welcomed. And please it should be free ! It would be really helpful if you give the link too. Thanks!
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How to cosplay cheap & almost freely?
Help please.! We have this comic con thingy . I wanted to cosplay for it but i have NO IDEA how to cosplay without buying much as a wig costs here as much as whole cosplay. So please heelpp. I want to cosplay really bad. T^T Ho...
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