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Do you have some Musical Recommendations?
Need me some new musicals to listen to ~ I've been listening to the same soundtracks on my phone for a while new, so if any of you could hook me up with a cool musical, that'd be nice.
6 / 8 by kinkykuron
Is QUBO underrated?
Childhood again. Turbo Dogs, Rupert, I Spy, 3 2 1 Penguins, that channel is lit. Pippi Longstocking. Jane And The Dragon. My chuldren will hear bout that.
2 / 2 by Ice.Moon.Melting
Need some Romcom movies
Not anime . Just movies. Searching for english movies but other languages are welcomed. And please it should be free ! It would be really helpful if you give the link too. Thanks!
1 / 1 by SHIRAZURE
answer to win free v-bucks
jus enter ur credit card details an u can win lots off v-bucks!
4 / 5 by EmilyTehPancake
How to cosplay cheap & almost freely?
Help please.! We have this comic con thingy . I wanted to cosplay for it but i have NO IDEA how to cosplay without buying much as a wig costs here as much as whole cosplay. So please heelpp. I want to cosplay really bad. T^T Ho...
1 / 1 by SHIRAZURE
Is Voltron an amine or is it just that style?
What is your favorite musical?
I have a lot
3 / 1 by NiaLaBeada
Does anyone like Phantom Of The Opera?
Well my dad and my older sister watched the play yesterday. Also my parents, little sister, and I watched the movie today.
4 / 2 by BatimGal11
Dino run anyone?
When you lost internet and try to log into this website, it will say can not connect with a dinosaur. If you tap/click (idk if it works on PC) a game will load called Dino run. If you get to 700 points, everything turns black o...
9 / 27 by NetherWorks
Has anypony watched Infinity War?
I just watched it about, 5 minuets ago. I want to know if you watched it. I was surprised by the ending (no spoilers for people who didnt watch it yet)
10 / 2 by NetherWorks
What is your favorite quote from a horror movie?
I have so many but one would be do you like scary movies from the 1st scream
1 / 0 by Jason_the_hedgehog
How many musicals do you know?
I need to know this for a math project of collecting data. Just give me a number and not words since I need to look fast. THANK YOU!
12 / 0 by DeadMoon
If you could would you live forever
4 / 1 by Broken_soul
Do you like horror movies? >:^]
If so; why and, which movies do consider to be your favorites? If not; what don't you like about them? -personally, I adore them-
7 / 2 by radical.radish
What movie theory's do you have?
Any movies theory's that you have or that you found.
1 / 0 by Broken_soul
Which Studio Ghibli Anime Film is your favorite?
Mine is Spirited away <3
5 / 6 by SHIRAZURE
What do you like to do in your spare time?
5 / 0 by Ugly.Birds_From.Shiro
Is Nightmare Before Christmas a Christmas movie or Halloween movie?
I'm torn with this question
4 / 6 by ToriTheShark
What is the name of the Greek Goddess of wisdom?
If you could play any role on Broadway, which role would you play?
and why? (doesn't matter your gender or vocal range) -i'd definitely play either whizzer brown (b/c games i play would be such an amazing song to sing live) or evan hansen because i relate so much to him or eliza schuyler beca...
3 / 2 by falsetthoes
Crazy & Funny :D