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If you could play any role on Broadway, which role would you play?
and why? (doesn't matter your gender or vocal range) -i'd definitely play either whizzer brown (b/c games i play would be such an amazing song to sing live) or evan hansen because i relate so much to him or eliza schuyler beca...
3 / 2 by falsetthoes
Who is your favorite Broadway actor/actress?
pretty self explanatory. they can be from off-broadway shows too (like be more chill) mine: -the entire cast of falsettos -ben platt -phillipa soo -denee benton
2 / 0 by falsetthoes
What is your favorite Broadway song?
same rules apply! (doesn't technically have to be broadway and can be from a closed show) mine: -thrill of first love (falsettos) -waving through a window (dear evan hansen) -defying gravity (wicked) (pretty much bc i saw it li...
6 / 5 by falsetthoes
What is your favorite Broadway musical?
tbh it doesn't need to be on broadway (doesn't need to be open anymore either) falsettos is mine btw
9 / 1 by falsetthoes
What is your favorite cat?
1 / 0 by luckycat777
What are good musicals?
I like many musicals, but I need more to listen to.
5 / 9 by LeSkyBoi
If you can bring back a TV show what will it be?
Anything that's not airing on TV
4 / 3 by Hyperthehedgehog
comment your real pottermore wand
my wand is phoenix feather, alder wood, 9 3/4, surpisingly swishy
2 / 0 by SillySantaSausage
What do you think of the new cast of Hamilton?
This came from my friend who didn't like the new cast of Hamilton and kept complaining but wants to see them in real life
1 / 1 by Siryuki
who here remembers the movie the Laramie project ?
it's honestly one of my favorite movies does anybody remember it ?
0 / 0 by White_Rose
What's your favorite musical ?
i'm just curious what's your favorite musical/Broadway show
12 / 10 by White_Rose
Whats the scariest nightmare you've ever had?
6 / 0 by Lucky_the_whatever_26
Which Smile Precure character are you most like?
2 / 0 by Lucky_the_whatever_26
what movie do you guys watch over and over?
what movie do you guys watch so much you know the movie by heart?
9 / 1 by PrincessLuna1
Everyone wish @Layla_The_Gayla luck on the play!
The Wicked play! It's gonna be wicked! XD I wish I could see it... I'm super jealous too!
2 / 0 by THE.GREAT.PAPYRUS.and.sans
What Is Your Favourite Hamilton Song?
I'm obsessed with Hamilton lately and I'm wondering which songs you guys like! (The drawing above is drawn by me)
7 / 0 by MagentaHusky
Would you dye your hair? If yes, what color(s)
How do I make Youtube play videos faster?
Youtube is always buffering. How do I get it to play videos faster?
2 / 2 by Noir.Kat.Of.Snow
What is this movie called?
So i remember watching this movie when i was very little (like 7 or 8) in my grandmas living room. I don't remember a lot about it because it was so long ago. I sorta remember maybe vampires in it? This one scene a girl was sit...
2 / 0 by L.E.X.I
Do you think Bill Cipher is popular?
Crazy & Funny :D