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Bo r k⬇️
4 / 2 by aurorae.mariposa
I need help badly I’m starting band at my highschool Should I name it Ones to Remember Broken Hearts Toxic Lovers Love Specialist Love Detectives Or Lovers and Liars
3 / 0 by M.andrews1
Do you guys approve of me and sirene's relationship?
Me and sirene have started dating yesterday and she's been pretty open about her DDLG fetish to me so I'm worried she's a pedo. Should I consider breaking up?
5 / 1 by poland
Old man on the mountain
That’s not the image I want to use how do I get rid of it oh my god I Sharon come help it won’t let me change the lick I said lick lick go damn it how do I turn off the microphone I am trying to say lecture no you piece of slit...
0 / 0 by AbnormalDaysisCanceled
whats ur favorite song ever
6 / 14 by minty
Whats your favorite anime? (1)
I like one piece,what about you?
3 / 2 by betonia023
my mum called me gay for liking a guy when I'm a gril
what was the first thing you did today?
you woke up and did what?
4 / 1 by sadkweenmiu
Can a revolution be considered art?
Our friend Kugelmugel needs help answering this question.
2 / 1 by celestos
Why the h e l l is my MALE sim pregnant?
I don’t know what even happened. My game has no mods or anything I’m so fûcking confused.
6 / 18 by silly.goose
Do y'all think we should should just let Caillou's baldness be okay?
He's a kid. No hair, but a kid. He may be a complete brat, but don't make fun of his baldness. He whiny ass fûck but his bald head, leave it alone. His head be a melon.
5 / 1 by The.Ice.Is.Melting
riddle me this (1)
i am a live but i am dead i am something that can get in your head i am dark but calm i am something terrifiying to come im that nightmare that waits to strike and fill you dreams with fright what am i ?
4 / 3 by angelkiss
Who here Cant smile wiiithout someone?
WheN will YoU LearN?!
That your consequences have actions!
5 / 3 by Hurrivoi
What/Who do you love?
It czab be an object, a person, or both. Even an animal!
7 / 6 by KoopaQueen
Need username ideas
I need some ideas for a new username. Marching band (Drum Major. Alto. Soprano.) themed, preferably. Gimme ideas
4 / 6 by silly.goose
Helping weather migraines? (P urgent)
Okay so you know how bestfriend gets those headaches, right? He’s prone to them (genetics, 6 concussions) and they’ve been pretty bad. Any ideas on how to ease his symptoms? He’s found that Zophran oral works for the severe ...
0 / 0 by silly.goose
How many possible haiku combinations are there in English?
The haiku poem is a description of something told in 17 syllables and three lines. The lines have 5 (top) 7 (middle) and 5 (last) syllables, which makes 17. So you can only use real words in English, you cannot split words over...
1 / 1 by Hurrivoi
How to cope with a crippling fear of the stomach flu?
For as long as I can remember, I’ve suffered from horrible, crippling emetophobia. The entire idea of getting sick is enough to irk me, but whenever someone I know gets a stomach bug in particular, it sends me into a panic. I’v...
1 / 0 by silly.goose
Crazy & Funny :D