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riddle me this (1)
i am a live but i am dead i am something that can get in your head i am dark but calm i am something terrifiying to come im that nightmare that waits to strike and fill you dreams with fright what am i ?
4 / 4 by angelkiss
Who here Cant smile wiiithout someone?
WheN will YoU LearN?!
That your consequences have actions!
5 / 3 by My_goal_is_to_have_the_longest_username_on_Q
What/Who do you love?
It czab be an object, a person, or both. Even an animal!
6 / 12 by KoopaQueen
Need username ideas
I need some ideas for a new username. Marching band (Drum Major. Alto. Soprano.) themed, preferably. Gimme ideas
4 / 6 by chesspacito
Helping weather migraines? (P urgent)
Okay so you know how bestfriend gets those headaches, right? He’s prone to them (genetics, 6 concussions) and they’ve been pretty bad. Any ideas on how to ease his symptoms? He’s found that Zophran oral works for the severe ...
0 / 0 by chesspacito
How many possible haiku combinations are there in English?
The haiku poem is a description of something told in 17 syllables and three lines. The lines have 5 (top) 7 (middle) and 5 (last) syllables, which makes 17. So you can only use real words in English, you cannot split words over...
1 / 1 by My_goal_is_to_have_the_longest_username_on_Q
How to cope with a crippling fear of the stomach flu?
For as long as I can remember, I’ve suffered from horrible, crippling emetophobia. The entire idea of getting sick is enough to irk me, but whenever someone I know gets a stomach bug in particular, it sends me into a panic. I’v...
1 / 0 by chesspacito
Guess what 'Phobophobia' is! No cheating!
Cover Pic by Me
10 / 6 by EmilyTehPancake
Do you know the wea?
You are the Que en we,not proyecte her que will show us the wea
2 / 0 by Sonicfan
Who is the gayest Boi in your opinion?
me, probably
5 / 2 by EmilyTehPancake
Do you like Pingu?
5 / 3 by EmilyTehPancake
Is this a good poem?
I want to smoke my lungs black, Pack after pack.. I want to drag a razor across my main vain, And watch the blood poor down the drain.. I want to jump off a clif, And tell the world I tripped. I want to 'fall' out of a movin...
3 / 2 by E.M.P
Pose in Time, answer in a rhyme.
This is just a spot of fun, Without the hunter and the gun, Start with the last word that I type, No need to wait until time is ripe, make a rhyme of your own using that letter, and the next person after you should then know be...
3 / 3 by ElizeSmit91
What's your favorite thing to do on the weekends?
2 / 0 by BweonTehKwispy
Are you sarcastic? If so, how much?
Do You Agree or Disagree to This Sentence?
You're either born smart or born stupid; there's nothing you can do to change that.
11 / 14 by Ugly.Birds_From.Shiro
What is your favorite Teen Titans Go quote?
Now, I don't like Teen Titans Go. It's incredibly stupid. But they do got some pretty good quotes...
3 / 1 by Ugly.Birds_From.Shiro
Crazy & Funny :D