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i'll help someone write a book
i'm not good at coming up with stories, but i really want to try writing something. if you have your whole book planned out and need help writing, talk to me pLEASE (i want to help you)
1 / 0 by Aureospace
Least favorite color?
Do I need to explain this
12 / 24 by Firey_is_back
name the shoe queer kids (wrong answers only)
Delete my account - yes or no?
9 / 20 by WestNFS4Lyfe
Wuts ur online otp
We have fictional otps and online ones what’s urs
0 / 0 by Brilliantine17
Can I delete comments in a membershipchat?
Pootis dispenser right here
1 / 1 by Firey_is_back
Askme anything about Brea
Proving I know her better than she knows me
3 / 0 by GhillyFeels
Choose a number
One to ten and the name of the oc you want a fact on
5 / 5 by Samanthavs.Zero
prompts please (:
kinda wanna write for Roger again but no clue what to write— give me some ideas thanks (:
1 / 0 by sherlocked
what's that one show you never plan to watch again
also, star
7 / 0 by Cressellia.effect
Appendix Applications
I got my appendix removed a year and a half ago and I want a new one, who wants to be my appendix?
4 / 6 by GhillyFeels
Thieves or Demons?
I just want to know the answer not for any reason really, no context just need to know Thieves or Demons?
3 / 2 by Fandom_Trash
Do you think there is aliens out in space? Are we the only ones?
We cant be the only planet that has life in this MASSIVE universe, right?
4 / 2 by Stop_The_Derpabuse
Can anyone give me any last names for characters ?
Im looking for last names so i can create more characters for stories. First and middle names will work as well if u wanna post those. Thanks ^.^
6 / 0 by AutiWay
Title ideas
tired stressed grumbling* I need to change the title of my story "Living With The Pastas (part 1)" and chapter two might take a while. (yes, i'm finally going back to it) I need ideas on new titles for it
0 / 0 by YandereQueen
Unikitty anyone?
I am not talking about the show.
3 / 1 by Stop_The_Derpabuse
Does anybody like Emily Bronte?
Well, this author's famous book/novel was called Wuthering Heights. Really, I like Volume One, but Volume two is borriinnggg!
1 / 0 by Cute_Strawberry_Lemongrass_Jelly
What's everyone feelings about me?
I just feel like asking bc I get the feeling that I'm not highly liked in some places soo yeah
4 / 1 by DemonFanatic
Any female lightning/electricity superhero names?
i want specificly female names for a superhero OC i created that has lightning and electricity powers, of you have a good one, say it but if you have another one that isnt that power than you can say it, ill really take anything
3 / 4 by Blue_star
Why do I feel so strange?
I don’t really know why— But for the past week, I’ve just been feeling It’s hard to describe how I feel— I get all shaky and fidgety, and my throat gets dry, and my head hurts and my stomach hurts and my gag refle...
4 / 0 by
Crazy & Funny :D