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What are my good features?
I just dont like my face at all, so can someone help me feel better about my face?
1 / 0 by SillySantaSausage
Who wanna play black ops 3 someday on ps4.?
Only ps4
0 / 0 by MoodyBird12
Dad takes Obession with harry potter to far?
My dad basically made harry potter a swear word, is that taking it to far?
1 / 0 by SillySantaSausage
Is this good writing?
Story: "Shes such a vampire." Isabella whispered to her best friend Kate. "She should be in a mental hospital." Ben said a little too loudly, glaring at the little girl sitting on the plastic bench, staring at the ground, with ...
4 / 0 by SillySantaSausage
Do You Want to be a Professional Author?
Since so many people on this website write short stories, I was just curious about how many people want to make a career out of it.
1 / 0 by TrashCow
Story Title Ideas
Any story ideas for romance/Supernatural creatures?
0 / 0 by llHasleyll
Warrior Cat Title Name Ideas
I am making a story and I need an title idea for the warrior cats title! Here is a bit of a summery... A darkforest cat finds a way into the medicine cat's head to trick her into thinking it's a prophecy. The medicine cat tak...
3 / 0 by llHasleyll
How do you get your motivation back when writing a book?
I am writing a novel currently (by the way, I just deleted my previous account @girly43 ) and I have stopped writing because I have no motivation anymore. How can I get it back? I have until September to finish the first draft.
3 / 3 by graciewritesstories
Do you know some short writing prompts?
Dont give me what the story should be about, more like a small statment, object, word, ect.
1 / 0 by RaspberryJello
If you can be one fictional character in the entire world wich would it be?
So you find something that would make you live as one character, from any fandom, wich would it be?
3 / 1 by Clawdacat
What is life for you?
Please be serious and use no curse words. This is for a grade and I'm supposed to write an essay about people's lives. Be descriptive and write a whole paragraph if you'd like! Thank you.
4 / 0 by queen.nothing
What patronus are you on pottermore?
I am a nebelung cat which means creatures of the mist and my wand is yew but im gryffindor so it all fits! I am also an ocicat bred nembelung but enough abt me...
0 / 0 by ScentedJasmine_101
Who is your top Singer or Singers?
My favorite singe is Taylor Swift. Her songs are catchy and they speak the truth about her life.
1 / 0 by KawaiiLove
what did you guy's think of fnaf sister location ?
well what did you think of fnaf sl
4 / 0 by White_Rose
This good?
Prologue It started out as thirst when Peter became the Lycan or werewolf as some would call it. They kept him caged because he was just a project, the first human lycanthrope creature. The objective of the experiment was to ...
1 / 0 by Gay.Irish.boi.Phoenix
What keeps you going in life?
13 / 0 by Kinky_Linky
What is your worst/biggest fear?
8 / 5 by XxNightLightxX
Is This A Good Story Starter?
You awake on your back, staring at a white tiled roof. Your whole body hurts, but your head hurts the most, it's throbbing. You dont dare move, knowing that it will only cause more pain. Your eyes travel the room and you realiz...
2 / 0 by XxNightLightxX
Ideas for something I should write?
Really I'm at a loss on what I should write as a story. I was thinking something about my original Pokemon characters but Im just not sure.
1 / 0 by LordExplosionMurder
Crazy & Funny :D