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Do you think there is aliens out in space? Are we the only ones?
We cant be the only planet that has life in this MASSIVE universe, right?
4 / 2 by NetherWorks
Can anyone give me any last names for characters ?
Im looking for last names so i can create more characters for stories. First and middle names will work as well if u wanna post those. Thanks ^.^
6 / 0 by AutiWay
Title ideas
tired stressed grumbling* I need to change the title of my story "Living With The Pastas (part 1)" and chapter two might take a while. (yes, i'm finally going back to it) I need ideas on new titles for it
0 / 0 by Casual_Red
Unikitty anyone?
I am not talking about the show.
2 / 1 by NetherWorks
Does anybody like Emily Bronte?
Well, this author's famous book/novel was called Wuthering Heights. Really, I like Volume One, but Volume two is borriinnggg!
1 / 0 by Cute_Strawberry_Lemongrass_Jelly
What's everyone feelings about me?
I just feel like asking bc I get the feeling that I'm not highly liked in some places soo yeah
4 / 1 by DemonFanatic
Any female lightning/electricity superhero names?
i want specificly female names for a superhero OC i created that has lightning and electricity powers, of you have a good one, say it but if you have another one that isnt that power than you can say it, ill really take anything
3 / 3 by Blue_star
Why do I feel so strange?
I don’t really know why— But for the past week, I’ve just been feeling It’s hard to describe how I feel— I get all shaky and fidgety, and my throat gets dry, and my head hurts and my stomach hurts and my gag refle...
4 / 0 by chesspacito
Story characters?
I need characters for a story. Not giving many details but this will be vague; I need the characters to either be gods or goddesses. Forms are below!
9 / 5 by Orange.Soda
Story Titles?
Okay so there’s a story I’ve been working on for a while now— It’s a pretty decent sized story. The story is about a girl and her childhood best friend—His junior year of high school, the friend dies of a severe illness. The st...
4 / 11 by chesspacito
Can You Give Me Three words/objects that have to be included in my fanfic?
Hi yes so just a challenge i want to do so just give me some items or words or phrases that have to be included in the fic thnx babe
5 / 2 by
What are my good features?
I just dont like my face at all, so can someone help me feel better about my face?
1 / 0 by SillySantaSausage
Who wanna play black ops 3 someday on ps4.?
Only ps4
0 / 0 by MoodyBird12
Dad takes Obession with harry potter to far?
My dad basically made harry potter a swear word, is that taking it to far?
1 / 0 by SillySantaSausage
Is this good writing?
Story: "Shes such a vampire." Isabella whispered to her best friend Kate. "She should be in a mental hospital." Ben said a little too loudly, glaring at the little girl sitting on the plastic bench, staring at the ground, with ...
2 / 0 by SillySantaSausage
Do You Want to be a Professional Author?
Since so many people on this website write short stories, I was just curious about how many people want to make a career out of it.
1 / 0 by TrashCow
Story Title Ideas
Any story ideas for romance/Supernatural creatures?
0 / 0 by llHasleyll
Warrior Cat Title Name Ideas
I am making a story and I need an title idea for the warrior cats title! Here is a bit of a summery... A darkforest cat finds a way into the medicine cat's head to trick her into thinking it's a prophecy. The medicine cat tak...
3 / 0 by llHasleyll
How do you get your motivation back when writing a book?
I am writing a novel currently (by the way, I just deleted my previous account @girly43 ) and I have stopped writing because I have no motivation anymore. How can I get it back? I have until September to finish the first draft.
2 / 1 by graciewritesstories
Do you know some short writing prompts?
Dont give me what the story should be about, more like a small statment, object, word, ect.
2 / 0 by Orange.Soda
Crazy & Funny :D