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What Is The purpose of life?
This is a questions that stumps a lot of people I want to see what your guys opinion is
3 / 1 by Battle_Scars
if you would have a choose which God Would you be?
Choose ALL gods are allowed!
2 / 0 by Ghostly_Lord
Serious Question Time~
Lately, I've been wondering something; if God, who is said to be the creator of anything and everything, wanted everyone to be straight, why did He make LGBT+ people? This question has been eating at me lately, and I'd really a...
2 / 8 by Helpless
Why is Monday called Monday?
Why is Monday called Monday? Who came up with Monday? Why did they chose to call it Monday? What are the origins?
0 / 0 by Sleepy5YearOld
What was the worst birthday present you ever got?
For my sixth birthday, my dog died. How about y'all? What were YOUR worst presents?
6 / 0 by Helpless
What would happen if the British didn't like tea?
You can respond with both cultural and historical consequences
6 / 0 by RoseHeart
How Many Life Boats Would It Take To Save Eveyone On The Titanic ?
Please don't use a calculator or look it up
4 / 5 by MaylatheGalacticWolf
Do you plan to join the army ?
i plan to join the army/military and i wanna kn ow if anybody else is gonna join
3 / 0 by White_Rose
What is your favorite song? And what year was it made in?
What is your favorite song? And what year was it made in? Please tell me.
3 / 0 by morgan5021
If you were one of the greatest sales man/woman, what would your company be?
Me, I would Make the Moso company which sells cars. I like Henry ford :3
2 / 0 by Mataways
What is your favorite name(s)?
8 / 2 by Noir.Kat.Of.Snow
Do you agree with this statement?
USA is united and it will forever will. Thus country is a beauty and forever will. It deserves wonderful support and other leaders at watch. We will never be broken apart. Americans deserve Columbus' land he made. We will forev...
3 / 10 by Mataways
How do you feel about the US?
Include before and after Trump was elected. What are/your views? How does the rest of the world see America? PLEASE specify what country you're writing from.
9 / 17 by ArtemisMoon91904
What do you think is the meaning of life?
What what what? Why why why is there a need for a discription?
6 / 1 by Narwhalzy
How Do You Feel About Trump's Victory?
What is your thoughts on this subject.
3 / 1 by sniper
What is this mystery item?
2 / 0 by Redpandaddaj
Wierd dream or a door of fear?
This is my dream and I'm just wondering what it means. So here it is: The dream was me at somewhere, and then I was talking to one teacher, I forgot who, and then my crush was there...( I'm not telling the guy's name to y'all ...
1 / 0 by shygirl23
Is there a free way to find my ancestry?
I really want to know who my ancestors are, but I can't find a free website to do so. Any suggested ones?
2 / 0 by DipperPinesShades
How do you teach your younger siblings?
I have a sibling who is dumb.
1 / 0 by TheCoolMeme_TheCoolGirl
Crazy & Funny :D