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Have you ever fainted because of a sport?
Do I have a spine?
Do I? I can chest stand.
1 / 1 by Lil.Kawaii.Kitty.ChanYT
How do I prevent getting tape burns from twirling?
Yโ€™all know meโ€” Twirling Drum Major. Maceโ€™s pretty, and all wrapped up in tape. But my probem happens to be, when I twirl, the tape that marks the middle of my mace runs against my hand and causes a sort of rugburn. Does anyone...
0 / 0 by silly.goose
Does anyone else play gagaball?
Aka octoball?
3 / 0 by Cashmere
How do you write the date in 5 letters?
How to do the front splits fast?
how do you do the front splits fast, if you can add in some stretchs as well that would be great thanks
0 / 0 by SillySantaSausage
What is your favorite sport of all time?
What do you think about volleyball?
Who is your favorite Athlete?
Which athlete do you like best?
2 / 0 by Nikeyboy550
Do you like swimming?
Yes/No answer in desc.
5 / 1 by Coveleaf
Which is better surfing or bodyboarding(boogie-boarding)? I want your guys opinion
I know there is always a lot of surfers and bodyboarders out there but i want to know your guys opinion Surfing or Bodyboarding?
2 / 1 by sniper
What's your favorite 'ball' sport?
9 / 2 by iceskater2004
Do think this is a fair way to see who's it for a game?
So my friends have a way to see who's it for a pool game. If you haven't been it for any game before, you're it. I don't think it's fair because if you haven't been it, you earned it. I always have to be it because I'm never it...
1 / 0 by Hogwarts_Huntress
How to practice hurdles inside home?
ok. so 6th grade olympics is this friday and im doing hurdels, but only did it once? I wanna practice at home so i can win! help please and i will follow (depends how good tthe answer is)
2 / 2 by AwesomeGirl123
Tips on beating your PR on the 1600 or the 800
Ok I got a meet in track that will determine if I will make it to sectionals. If you have any tips on beating a PR, please let me know ASAP 1600: 6:20 800:? {1600m: 1 mile} {800m: 0.5 mile}
0 / 0 by micah.ducky
Do you like to work out?
Yay or Nay
3 / 0 by miked
What is your favorite outdoor game?
Mine is probably capture the flag.
6 / 0 by Fearless
What's Your Prediction for Tonight?
Tonight is England vs Uruguay. What's your prediction? Mine is 3-1 to England, or 2-0 to England :D
2 / 0 by StarMoon
What is Usain Bolt's highest speed?
The multi-gold medal winner is the fastest man on earth from Jamaica. Can you name how fast he can go in full sprint on his short distance running?
1 / 0 by BobbyTheMob
What is your favorite sport
Any sport is fine.
10 / 2 by gwolfie
Crazy & Funny :D