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what does the duck at GameStop buy?
Are qfeast mods active?
1 / 1 by Jrenner
Would you ride this tornado?
I know this is just a roll cloud. But if it was a twister, would you ride it.
4 / 7 by Stop_The_Derpabuse
Taking something on a plane that may be mistaken as a weapon?
I have a baton that I’m planning on taking to Florida with me. I have to take a plane on the way back. However, our majorette line has been in trouble for taking them on planes before— And they had regular STAR batons (I have a...
2 / 1 by silly.goose
Can bird strike cause helicopter crash?
Veterans Day is at the corner, what question would you like to ask a veteran?
I can't wait to be apart of a Veterans Day show! There will be so much veterans! But what would you like to ask a veteran?
0 / 0 by All_hail_Melon_King
When will i get to live on the moon titan?
Either that or when can i live on mars
0 / 0 by captainqwerty
what do you think happened to Malaysia flight 370?
No arguing about this please. I just want to know what you think happened to the fight that disappeared over a year ago and do you think it will be found?
4 / 0 by bluebear0914
Why are cats smart?
I wanted to know why cats are smart because I have 3. Also your smart answers!
11 / 14 by Oshsee
what would you do if you were being chased by your x-boyfriend with a knife
hide and sneak up on him and tackle him take the the knife and take a photo
6 / 2 by pinkpony98
Why don't modern spacecraft use nuclear power?
Most if not all of modern submarines are powered by a nuclear reactor. At sea, only the most heavyweight (like air-carriers) use a nuclear reactor. But I have never heard of nuclear-powered aircraft, rover, or satellite, not ev...
3 / 1 by faceme
Are these good games?
Chain Reaction ex: Celestine to UltimateBrendan: Celest_Stories got me addicted to Hetalia. UltimateBrendan to News_Reporter: Celestine got me addicted to Hetalia. and so forth... How to ruin the chain with the Why game: Celest...
1 / 0 by Echo101
Whats your favorite keyboard face???
What your favorite keyboard character??? Mine is: \\('o')// and t('^t')
20 / 15 by Jasperaubie23
Why is the moon bright at night?
i wonder why
5 / 2 by roxrox
Do you know anyone who was at the WTC on 9/11/01?
It is almost 9/11/12 and i wanted to ask this question. Dont get mad please.
3 / 0 by PeetaMellark76
Cno crush ne terence
3 / 1 by cyrelle122
Crazy & Funny :D