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Do you care about me?
I feel no one cares abot me
4 / 0 by betonia023
What is your favorite roller coaster you've ridden?
Is it legal to travel down a road in reverse, as long as your following the direction of the traffic?
idk i was bored and decided that i was gonna ask random and crazy questions.
1 / 0 by AutiWay
if your friend/partner has head lice what would you do?
just asking cause my sister does. What would you do if someone you are close to has lice. would you stop seeing them or hate them for that?
3 / 5 by Hikari_Chan
Why is Lana Del Rey cyberbullying me?
I met her August 28th of 2018 and it was horrific. She was rude, not classy and she lost a long time fan that day. I walked into the $350 Silver VIP front row of her Lust for Life Tour and say hello she replies with “fake” and ...
10 / 9 by sirenix
So I just drank three bottles of soya bean sauce and sprite. Would anything happen?
Is that a bad combination or have a drink a little too much.
1 / 0 by cinnamon.snacc
How long do you think itll take for my mom to tell me to take off my pajamas?
I got these comfy footy PJs yesterday and I’m trying to see how long before my mom tells me to change clothes. Place your bet here
5 / 1 by Cameron.Boyce
Quick question
Does anybody know how to transform a g1 ratchet? I just got him today and he has no box. (This is a little toy transformer)
0 / 0 by Stop_The_Derpabuse
Are You Ready For New Years?
Are You Ready For A New Year?
3 / 1 by Youtubeee
what is your favorite car?
mine is a black jeep wrangler. I'm just curios. also give my would you rather polls a look. (P.S if you follow me I will follow you!) by fanderickr
1 / 1 by Team_Leo_Forever331
Any idea for things to do on a road trip?
I'm going to be going on a day long road trip. I've done some longer ones, but I want to see if anybody has any other ideas for things to do. I cannot read for long periods of time (I get carsick) btw.
5 / 4 by DipperPinesShades
What happens if you eat a magic growth capsule?
You know those pills that you put in water, and then they turn into little foam dinosaurs? What would happen if a person ate one of them?
7 / 7 by breann.west.5
who is your favorite yo-kai?
2 / 0 by Herbal.Tylenol
A Man Wants To But A Used Car. He Finds One For $9500, And Buys It. But Somehow, He Doesn't Pay A Dime. How?
Whoever answers this tricky riddle first, I will follow! Good luck everyone!
4 / 1 by SmilyTurtleYT
What color is your dream car and what type?
We can all dream right, even the littlest of details can matter. So what color is it?
4 / 0 by silverwings
What car is your favorite and why?
Be detailed!
1 / 0 by FordMustang101
why do we need cars when we can fly aircraft instead?
I mean we can use aircraft to fly across the planet and cars can only get you some place on the road:/
2 / 0 by pawpuppy22
How to have fun on a 5 hour road trip?
Im a passenger (in da back seat) and were going on a 5 hour car ride. I need some fun things to keep me occupied on the trip. Things I can do at NIGHT. I cant turn on the light, cuz the driver says its distracting. I just need ...
0 / 0 by AwesomeGirl123
Crazy & Funny :D