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Who was the absolute worst person you've had to deal with?
Category: continents and travels because I know there are bicthes and aholes around the globe. (But my question is, what did they do that made you hate them?)
5 / 3 by My_goal_is_to_have_the_longest_username_on_Q
Where do most Qfeasters live in the world(country please)?
I just wanna know coz I'm in the UK and most people aren't on at similar times to me so yeah... I just wanna know before my curiosity kills the cat!
16 / 2 by SapphireTehCat
Were is the farthest from home that you have gone for vacation?
Say for example you are from Texas and you have gone to Tokyo for vacation.
4 / 0 by coopermeares
What is your state or province spelled backwards?
For example California would be Ainrofilac
11 / 1 by coopermeares
What is the capital of Namibia?
Do you know this
0 / 0 by toadscd
Best Places!
What is the best place you have ever been to? Why did you like it so much?
0 / 0 by Kat2005
What is your New Years resolution?
Mine is to,excel in school, and get in honors. (I'm in almost honors)
1 / 0 by BronzeOwl90
How many languages do you know?
I just want to know. I can speak Arabic, English, (Very little) Spanish, and (Very little) Japanese.
9 / 0 by TheUltimateWaifu
Wich countries should you avoid if you don't wanna end up in warzones or other dangers?
I'm about to go to an adventure discovering as much as I can in the world! But I don't wanna get into dangerous places, want to avoid them! So therefor I want to know where those dangers are so that I can travel safety!
2 / 0 by Qmind91
What is the capital of Romania?
4 / 2 by HollieJett
What are Pros and Cons of Southern US Homes?
I'm doing research on Southern United States homes for a classwork assignment. I unfortunately haven't found alot. I was wondering if you could tell me features of Southern United States homes. Such as what the flooring's commo...
2 / 0 by BlueTurkey
What do Panama and Colombia have in common?
This question is included for my Spanish project. But for some horrible reason. GOOGLE AND BING DO NOT HAVE THE ANSWER. I don't know ANYTHING about these countries!! D:> Please help quickly, my Spanish project is due on Wednesd...
1 / 0 by EMOpanda
What Continent Is The North Pole In?
In which country would you like to live?
13 / 0 by ChokolatLover
Which 2 continents do most farmers live in?
What is your favourite country, and why?
I have sailed practically the whole way around the world but I still cannot decide which country is my favourite. Can you? Prove it!
3 / 1 by Blackie791
Crazy & Funny :D