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Have you seen this vine?
1 / 1 by Stop_The_Derpabuse
What's the best/safest way to walk from entire lenght of europe to entire lenght of asia?
I have for a long time dreamt and planning for go for a trip from Sweden to South Korea and want to get there as safe as possible, at the same time I would want to avoid cold areas like Siberia if possible and to see interestin...
1 / 0 by Qmind91
Cruise Line
I've never been on a cruise before. I need to know, what should I pack for the trip? I'm flying from Canada to Florida. The cruise will go from Florida to the Bahamas. Anything mandatory I should pack? Download games, where to ...
1 / 1 by Letsago
Where would you like to travel?
This can be ANYWHERE. Anywhere at all, fake or real... It can be space, real world time... Heck, it can be Hogwarts for all I care!
5 / 1 by Lillypad354
Why does my freaking Roomba keep getting stuck?!
What Is The Farthest You Have Travelled From Home ?
I travel quite a bit and was wondering how far you guys have ever been !
6 / 0 by TeenMedium
How long is it from Chicago to Canada border?
Did you stay up until midnight on New Years?
my mum filled out an esta form what do i do
my mum has filled an esta form out for me and printed it out aswe are going on holiday to florida on thursday 28thmarch 2013. i have only shoplifted once and they have just given me a warning. i havent told my mum as you can un...
1 / 1 by annawood
Is 12:00 AM the same as 00.00 in 24h format?
Please, is really so confusing for me now. Maybe someone can enlighten me about this!
3 / 1 by the_gamer
Where would you rather go for vacation?
Where is your dream vacation going to be one day?
7 / 0 by puglover3000bff
why does the sky change colour when it rains?
i have no idea : )
4 / 1 by puppies
Crazy & Funny :D