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Why are annoying songs catchy?
Why are annoying songs really catchy? Example would be like; "Barbie girl." "Gucci gang." Etc. (No offense if you like those songs.)
5 / 0 by NobodyReally
Who is your favorite rapper?
Mine is eminem.
8 / 6 by Jaimeplayz
Who's the better rapper?
4 / 0 by Jaimeplayz
Is there a song that makes you depressed?
What is your favorite song? (1)
mine is shape of you, or maby worth it! or maby heathens! so many good songs!
10 / 3 by YettyTube
How can I make my friends tell me what they really think of my voice?
I don't think I'm a good singer, but all my friends say I am and now I want to know what they really think because I know they are lying...
3 / 0 by Animalrock505
What will the future music be like?
We already have High Beat Dubstep, how advanced will it be when WE have kids? I'll be listening to like Advanced Dubstep and my kid will be like "Eww. Music from the 20s"
2 / 0 by Keeps.Changing.Fandoms
Who is your favourite Cuphead character and why?
Magazine names
im doing a mini mag fanzine sorta thing for english but im not sure what to call it, its music related, mainly metal but theres also like punk and emo stuff in it
3 / 3 by Obsidian_Scars
What's your favorite song from MCR?
I am a major fan of MCR. But I don't know all their songs. So tell me your favorite from them, honestly I can't decide. @TylerWay, Thx for introducing me to this amazing band, <3 u!
3 / 3 by SierraMWay
Why are band members so attractive?
Not band members like boy bands or pop groups-- Marching band members. I've been in band for a few years and I've always wondered why I find other band members so attractive-- An I the only one who feels this way, and if not, ...
4 / 3 by twinkle.dinkles
Who here likes twentyonepilots?
They are one of my favorite bands and I was wondering who agrees with me.
6 / 9 by Gamergirlpro
everyones fav music
whats your fav music
7 / 0 by fnafan
whats your favorite type of music? (1)
mine is nightcore so whats yours
4 / 0 by RubyRed
Who's your favourite Vocaloid singer? (Idk)
Mine is Kagimine Len.
7 / 0 by BweonTehKwispy
Good songs to learn on bass? (METAL)
my boyfriend left his bass at mine so im trying to think of songs to play on it
0 / 0 by Obsidian_Scars
K-Pop Recommendations, please?
I used to be into k-pop but only listened to b1a4 that's it so I want to get back and listen to their magical voices. Sooo just list down the singers or bands and their songs so I can see what's good to listen to Plus I'm tryi...
3 / 0 by Cannibalistic.Sweets
What do you think the Twenty One Pilots eye is about?
There are a lot of theories going around, my favourite is that it's blurryface going to sleep and that the eye will awake as a new era, what are your thoughts?
1 / 0 by Obsidian_Scars
Most Underrated Song of Eurovision 2017
What's your favourite Hamilton song?
Mine is You'll Be Back
1 / 0 by BweonTehKwispy
Crazy & Funny :D