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Who do you listen to when your feeling down?
I listen to NF or Melanie Martinez. What song artist do you listen to when you feeling in a low mood, whether your trying to feel better or your just going with the feeling.
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is it ok to listen to a problematic artist?
so like if you listen to an artist that has done problematic or horrible things is that bad??
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What is your favourite type of music?
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Best Jojo theme?
Mine has to be between great days and bloody stream
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How many of you guys like Cavetown?
I love cavetown personally my boi Robin is a bean he deserves love his songs are amazing and I just wanted to know if you like cavetown because its 1 in the morning and I'm curious 1 in the morning thoughts am I right?
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Does anybody know what song this is?? EDIT: SOLVED
ok so idk who it's by but a woman sings it. it's an older song, and the most distinct fact i know about it is that it has two different names. it's called one thing in the us and called another in the uk. i think the song has s...
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Who knows about the Gorillaz ?
for me I LOVE THEM (not too much of the green pickle) I really want to know who knows to and to know there are fans out there UwU
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Where did i go wrong?
I lost a friend
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fav singer (1)
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Which music artist do you find the worst?
Name all the music artists you can't stand. Name as many as you want.
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whos is your favourite singer/bands and why?
I want to know whats your favorite singer or bands that you guys like and I may listen to your favorite artist songs!
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What song to learn next (Any Rock or Metal will do)?
I'm... struggling to think of a new song to learn, what are ur recommendations?
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people into freakishly obscure bands, how did you find out about them?
feel free to answer with non obscure ones too, theres not really a reason to feel left out. it can all be good music
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Why do people think rap is music?
Rap is not music. My dad, whom is a music theorist and also went to music school told me that there are 3 structures of music: Harmony, melody, and rhythm. Yet rap only possesses one, rhythm.
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Favourite songs ever
It’s in the title yall. I’ll probably listen to any of the ones you list
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Do you like DAgames, if so what's your favorite song?
Just a question and I'm bored.
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Do you like Ansel Elgort's song Supernova?
Just wonderin'.
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Are you a LOONA stan?
i'm trying to find the other LOONA fans/orbits on this site so I can follow them and I just want to know who you are pLEASE
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Who is your favorite singer, band, or DJ?
I'm just curious.
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What music do you listen to?
I like RHCP's. Great band. Great music. Turn Again is a great song. What about you?
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