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How many milliliters are in a teaspoon?
why do people like energy drinks?
2 / 0 by killerBasilisk
Why do they call soda, soda?
5 / 4 by Segiplier
how can i get my dog to talk to me?
lately my dog kevin has been looking at me in a way that suggests he'd like to say something. for the better or worse, i'd like to hear him out. my question is, what can i do to make him feel comfortable and safe expressing his...
9 / 12 by mattressblowoutsale
What's your favorite kind of tea
5 / 2 by Starry_Blue_Eyes
How would you describe the taste of water?
13 / 11 by Hyrule_Castle_Town
What is your favorite monster energy drink flavor?
I love drinking this me and pandmonster drink a lot of It (mostly pandmonster) but I wanna know what flavor u like haha
2 / 0 by Cannibalistic.Sweets
What's your favorite beverage?
Me, well is taco an answer?
8 / 0 by SoarinDash
which one would you rather have or eat, snickers or twix?
i don't really favor one more than the question number 12
2 / 0 by musiczero13
which would you rather have, Dr. pepper or Pepsi?
again, i drink both and so i wouldn't be able to choose, on a side note some of the questions may become poles otherwise Qfeast won't take them so... question number 11
2 / 0 by musiczero13
which would you rather drink or experiment with, coca cola or diet coca cola?
i think i would experiment and drink both. but i like were you put mintos in the diet coca cola and you get the fountain questions number 10
3 / 0 by musiczero13
would you rather drink or experiment with, Mountain dew or Mello yellow?
i would go for mountain dew, how about you? question number 9
2 / 0 by musiczero13
What is your favorite Soda or Drink?
I want to know!
9 / 0 by Justice2141Blah
What's the worst potion to be allergic to?
I'm allergic to love potions. Deathly allergic in fact. But I wonder if there's potions that are far worse to be allergic to. Feel free to enter any allergies and symptoms that go with the potion.
3 / 2 by OINGO
coffee or tea?
4 / 0 by jafrin
Why a headache after a day of not drinking coffee?
I think I am addicted to caffeine. I would like to know why I get headaches if I don't drink my coffee in the morning...
2 / 2 by faceme
is it okay to drink coffee before training?
I drink coffee before I do boxing training because i feel it gives me a mental boost and helps me to train harder, is this okay?
2 / 0 by scooot
How do I rid myself of the taste of bubbles?
I accidentally drank some bubbles and now the taste is stuck in my throat.I already tried to wash it out with water but it won't work.How do I get it out of my throat?
6 / 1 by Moony
What is the best bubble tea flavor???
There are so many flavors to choose from!!
1 / 0 by SweetDreams
Crazy & Funny :D