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was my aunt's church's priest allowed to do this?
religion: christianity so basically her priest overlooked the whole crowd and started preaching "hell isn't a thing anymore and everyone's going to heaven. k night." i was laughing, but they seemed very upset by what he was ta...
2 / 0 by Aureospace
Why are collared shirts fancier?
1 / 1 by Aureospace
What's a song which gives you summer vibes
Needn't be your fav but a song which makes me feel summer-y? I don't know if that's a word but yeah m
8 / 10 by Cressellia.effect
To all my Wiccans and/or witches/warlocks: HELP!
My aunt wants me to get rid of my tarot cards and so I have 2 questions: 1) Can a proper witch not have tarot cards? I use them daily to help me through the day and to soothe my anxiety and to help me figure out what’s coming ...
4 / 3 by temperance
What would your dream woman be like?
Go ahead and tell me your dream girl and what she's like.
0 / 0 by Mikland1232
why do u think it is ok 2 b lbgt?
i see a lot of ppl on here whu r gay (yuck) and i wonder why you think it is ok
29 / 119 by sonicfanlover1313
What is your nationality? (1)
I know some of you have a nationality and don’t be afraid to answer!
9 / 11 by BatimGal11
Are Filipino girls pretty?
Have you you ever heard of Filipinos before? Well I'm Filipino American and I'm curious how do you react to them. Hope you enjoy it!
3 / 5 by BatimGal11
Would you dab on your haters or T-pose on the haters?
Idk either one shows tremendous amounts of power
5 / 4 by Soulreaper1987
How was everyones Memorial Day? (For those of you in America)
My family usually does a parade and Memorial service, and then we have a picnic at a park. This year we had the picnic at my grandparents. Between my surgery, my sister being sick, and my mom’s surgery, we almost didn’t make it...
4 / 1 by Cashmere
What is America like?
I'm moving to America on may 17th after living in Asia for the majority of my life. (8 of 13 years 2 B exact) so what is America like? Positives, negatives, I'm really looking for personal feelings. Is one of my classmates guar...
9 / 2 by Hurrivoi
Who would you KMK?
Um KMK Stands for Kiss Marry Kill so just think of people you know and choose what you would do :'3 Mine are: Kiss: Izzy, Marry: Noa, Kill: Luan
4 / 1 by KoopaQueen
Do you think a movie staring Stickmen could work?
describe your life right now
I am to lazy
4 / 0 by SillySantaSausage
What Do You Think MaylathGalacticWolf 's Zodiac Sign ?
Guess my sign.
2 / 0 by MaylatheGalacticWolf
will the world end on September 13/9/2017?
Scientific evidence aswell please!
3 / 1 by SillySantaSausage
Crazy & Funny :D