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My mom has cancer and I am prepared for her to die but I am not sad. Is it wrong how I feel?
First, off I do not hate my mother. There are things I do not approve of But I do love her. So my mom has had cancer three times before this. The first time she had it I was about ten years old. I thought she was going to die. ...
4 / 2 by EmmaRenniks
Does anyone have a dog?
I do
6 / 6 by UmbreonTheOdd
Does anyone love sleepovers?
Well today I’m going to have a sleepover with my cousins so I decided to ask you this question!
3 / 2 by BatimGal11
How many siblings do you have?
I have two siblings which is my older sister and my younger sister which makes me the middle child!
7 / 6 by BatimGal11
Does anyone like their family?
I do I mean I’m not bragging but there pretty nice!
6 / 5 by BatimGal11
Are you the oldest, middle, youngest, or only child?
I'm the oldest child. I have a 9 year old brother.
8 / 15 by Broken_soul
How do you tell your mom your on your period?
Hypothetical question?
12 / 14 by Blue_star
Can parents see my history
Can my parents look at my internet history in any way if I am using Incognito mode on my own iPhone5 hooked up to my own Apple account? I don't do anything gross because I am asexual and im only 12 I just am curious because so...
6 / 3 by Alare
How would your parents react to you coming out of the closet?
15 / 36 by My_goal_is_to_have_the_longest_username_on_Q
Describe your parents in one word
2 / 0 by Broken_soul
Describe yourself in one word
10 / 0 by Broken_soul
If you could choose a new first name, middle name, and last name, what would it be?
Well, what would it be? Btw, sorry I've haven't published anything in awhile, but I am working on a story!
11 / 2 by Newskitty
How to make parents stop arguing?
What Christmas traditions do you have?
If you don't celebrate Christmas, then how about another holiday, such as Hanukkah? Whether you still celebrate them or they were only when you were kids/teens, I want to know about them!
1 / 0 by MissMerlin
What to do when the police refuse to act?
This is actually a pretty serious question. I had a bunch of stuff stolen from my house last week, and we called the police, and they're refusing to do anything about it. It was a good amount of stuff that was taken. Enough ...
7 / 2 by chesspacito
Do you ever feel like you made a move that ruined your life?
I made a move that kind of killed me in the inside I told someone my real name but i trusted them but not my parents and now i am scared. What could i do. pls do not get mad at me pls
2 / 0 by PurpleTornado9000
How do you get your parents to stop taking pictures of you without consent?
My parents always like to take pictures of me without my permission and I do not like it at ALL. I have tried asking them politely to stop but each time they get angry and yell because "I am not eighteen yet and I have no stand...
6 / 11 by chesspacito
Would you break the law to save a loved one?
What would you do if your parents or guardians died?
I have chosen how I would want to live if my mom and step-dad died, but what would you do?
4 / 7 by SierraMWay
Crazy & Funny :D