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Opinions on past/present me?
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umm so how many siblings do yall have
ok so me i have one a little brother
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ai need advice.. ai want to come out to mai parents
So I want to come out to my family and friends that I am indeed LGBTQ+. I am gender queer and omnisexual/demipan for people who dont know. I'm sure my family suspects im not straight but im not sure. I also want to ask to chop ...
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Why can't we just yeet into 2021?
This stupid coronavirus got everyone messed up
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What do you do when your parents won't listen in an argument?
Asked my dad if he ever saw a rabbit with a screaming face. Was referencing the video "telling my rabbit he's adopted." Dad thought I enjoyed listening to rabbits getting tortured because I said "screaming". Mind you, I'm a veg...
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How to calm myself down?
I need someone to calm me down before I kill someone!
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Do you have siblings? How many?
I have 1 sister
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Does anyone know how to help depression?
i'm going to see a therapist soon, but does anyone know how to help with my depression?
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What something amazing that your mom or dad can do?
What is something amazing that your mom or dad can do? My dad can whistle the intro to the Wii Sports on the Wii
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who thinks parents should lighten on their kids?
My grandma gets on my case for everything and she's acting like me owning a phone is so illegal. She treats my younger and olser brother luke saints ans acts like ima stab her with a knife or thars how it feels. She seems to ac...
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Do you do puzzles?
I do, I did over twenty puzzles with my mom. I like doing puzzles with my mom
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can anyone give me some advice?
My grandma and I are always fighting over something. I try to reason with her sometimes. She talks down to me about my music and who I am and who I hang around. She won't even let me get a job now even tho I'm 16. I'm to the po...
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My mom has cancer and I am prepared for her to die but I am not sad. Is it wrong how I feel?
First, off I do not hate my mother. There are things I do not approve of But I do love her. So my mom has had cancer three times before this. The first time she had it I was about ten years old. I thought she was going to die. ...
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Does anyone have a dog?
I do
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Are you the oldest, middle, youngest, or only child?
I'm the oldest child. I have a 9 year old brother.
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How do you tell your mom your on your period?
Hypothetical question?
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Can parents see my history
Can my parents look at my internet history in any way if I am using Incognito mode on my own iPhone5 hooked up to my own Apple account? I don't do anything gross because I am asexual and im only 12 I just am curious because so...
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Describe your parents in one word