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You are trapped in the last TV show you watched. Where are you, and will you survive?
You’re trapped in the last TV show you watched. Where are you, and will you survive? I think the last TV show I watched was SpongeBob SquarePants so I might not live very long because I won't be able to breathe underwater.
3 / 4 by anime_rabbit13216
Do you like transformers?
5 / 1 by Deviant_lover
What South Park song is the funniest?
Everyone who watches South Park would have a favorite song. So what’s yours?
4 / 3 by BatimGal11
Who is your favorite South Park character?
If you watch South Park like me, then you'll know the show and you might have a character you really love and want to be friend with if you were in that universe.
3 / 2 by BatimGal11
Are you exited for wreck it ralph 2?
ik the trailer just came out but
9 / 13 by Blue_star
Who watched degrassi next class or next generation?
Would you risk your life for someone you love?
UM SO I just kinda want rep points so I made this! And my answer is yes.
12 / 8 by KoopaQueen
What tv show(s) are you watching right now?
What would a tv show of your life be called?
Who would play you, what would it be called, how many seasons, what's it rated
8 / 2 by Broken_soul
Have you been on TV?
Cameos on screen for a few secs do count and any kind of channel counts
11 / 7 by Jason_the_hedgehog
What were your thoughts on the latest episodes of svtfoe, Battle of Mewni?
Spoilers! Soo I watched the season 3 svtfoe Battle of Mewni and god the death scene of Toffee was fücking savage. Star grinning while blasting him to pretty much black mush and Ludo crushing him with a pillar right after Toffe...
0 / 0 by ChocolerryPOP
Who Is Your Favorite Big Brother Winner?
My personal favorite is Evil Dick. He won season 8 by tormenting not one, but ALL the houseguests and GETTING AWAY WITH IT! It takes some guts to do that! What about your favorite Big Brother winner and why?
0 / 0 by LordExplosionMurder
What's Your Favorite Tim Burton film?
4 / 0 by What_A_Load_of_hOoEy
What's your favorite cartoon?
4 / 1 by What_A_Load_of_hOoEy
What is your favorite anime? (5)
4 / 1 by Radrak_is_our_platinum_lord
Who else likes to watch "Snapped" or something like it and just yell things at the investigators that they should know stuff?
So I just love yelling at investigators that they should know stuff. Who else does? CX XD
1 / 0 by Narwhalzy
What old cartoon shows you guys miss or like?
The title says it all! What cartoons you guys miss so much, or love? Mines are: Tom and Jerry, Jonny test, wizards of waverly place, Danny phantom, good luck Charlie, chowder, flapjack, and much more!
13 / 2 by shygirl23
Crazy & Funny :D