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how do you laugh over text?
11 / 9 by Aureospace
What age do you think kids should have a Cellphone?
How often do you Take Selfies ?
Selfies ? How much ? On your Phone ?
6 / 0 by Quizzyyy
Samsung or Apple ?
Which product is better ? Samsung or Apple ? Well you know Samsung makes you think and that's why it looks complicated and Apple is easier to stick with but what do you think is better ? Well let me tell you a story one time in...
4 / 0 by Quizzyyy
Best low-budget phone?
Comment below affordable phones that have good specs.
2 / 0 by ShadowLord1235
Why does everyone have a phone?
Even kindergadeners have phones now! Why not just have a family phone and computer? It's so annoying when i go over to other peoples house and all they do is play on their phone!
16 / 16 by sisaloofafump
Why phones get slower over time and bog down?
Even without installing new apps, the phones just get slower and slower. Plus, the restart, uninstall apps doesn't help much. Many of my friends told me the same also.
1 / 0 by michelle
This boy stalks me!
IMPORTANT: I go on the bus with this boy named Connor, I never really talked to him. But now all the sudden he begins talking to me! and I was like, "Alright, a new friend!" but it got worse. I always noticed he sat across from...
8 / 7 by Alistar
who made tv
who made tv because with out that person i will not be funny
3 / 0 by hotstuff
what is Harry Style's number
please I am desperate I already have Niall's number but I need Harry's my friend called Niall and Niall called me a really nice girl but I need harry's number so if you know it or you wanna know it please answer this question
1 / 0 by Ponygirl_Pegasister
phone is broken help?
hey guys ... basically, i dropped my phone in some water and after a few minutes, my screen flashed and then completely blacked out. I've tried everything - i've put it in some rice for 48 hours and put it in the airing cupboar...
2 / 1 by addieee
how much will it cost to get a new screen replaced for the samsung galaxy s2? or is it cheaper to buy a new ohone?
I smashed my phone the other day and im in desprate need of a phone..iv heard it will cost abou 300 to get it fixed but i need more answeres otherwise im going to go out and buy a blackberry?
0 / 0 by samsunguser
Virgin Mobile Phone, HELP!
I'm looking to buy a phone off of Amazon. com ( Virgin Mobile to be specific ). I just want to know if I get it off that site will I get the charger and 2gb chip? Like if I bought it from the Virgin Mobile store I would get all...
2 / 1 by Mooorrrgaaannn
Crazy & Funny :D