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What's y'alls favorite thing to do with technology?
Just uuuhhh... what do y'all like to do with technology? Do you game? Do you talk on social media? Do you take online quizzes? Do you watch YouTube? What do you like to do with these wonderful creations?
3 / 2 by Littlepotato
If you were to create an animation about life and death, what would you make the story?
I am going to make an animation about my ocs: Life and Death. I would like ideas for a story line. (They are brother and sister btw)
3 / 0 by KawaiiMarshmallow
What's your favourite game franchise?
5 / 1 by EmilyTehPancake
Why do people think the Undertale fandom is dead? Tell me!
I personally think this fandom will live on, for reasons! I see the AUs as fun creations to be shared and loved, but other people see it as 'way too far'. The fanmade stuff, WHICH does get a little sexual from time to time, is ...
hello i need diamand sword on minecraft
hello i play minecraft on windows xp pc and i want diamand sword for my minecraft world i am only 10 and in 4th grade sorry for my bad spelling!
2 / 0 by zoroark
How do i stop being scared of mc on survival mode?
im a scaredy cat and have No idea how to stop myself from being scared of survival mode..
5 / 3 by mstamps1
What do you think about time machines?
Do you think that it would be cool or do you think it would be dangerous? What do you think?
3 / 0 by Hikari_Chan
Snapchat help!
Hey guys. I'm on my iPod and wanted to download snapchat so I did. It downloaded, but when I tried to log in, it said that I needed to update my iPod and snapchat, but it says my iPod is up to date and for updating snapchat, it...
3 / 0 by Boymeetsworldfreak
One word to describe Peace
Hey guys! Peace is basically what causes stuff happening around you(maybe). But how do you describe it?
2 / 2 by Mataways
What is your absolute favourite film? And why?
I have to say my favourite film is Harry Potter (all of them). But I also love Divergent, Kingsman,The Hunger Games and Maze Runner. To be honest I love most movies, I 'm a bit of a movie geek!
7 / 1 by shezeg
Can you give me tips on how to cut back on fast food and electronics?
I feel like i'm gonna start gaining too much weight if i keep eating like i do, and i also feel like i'm not putting my best into my schoolwork because i'm engrossed in electronics... Can you help me?
5 / 1 by mythology_lover
who is your fav undertale character ? and why?
who is your fav undertale character and why? mines is Flowey
10 / 0 by SansStar954
How can I get my windows computer to update?
I have windows 8 and it wont update to 8.1 (I'm trying to get it so that then I can update it to windows 10). I've already tried clearing the cache, rebooting it, and downloading all of my info on to a flash drive. Does anyone ...
1 / 0 by a_fox_with_a_fez
Do you think we are too dependent on technology?
This is only up to debate. Please no arguments.
1 / 1 by AnonymousOfCreations
What is your thoughts on social media?
Do you think it is good? Do you think we are on our social media too much? Please state below. This is only for debate..please no arguments.
1 / 0 by AnonymousOfCreations
I practice hacking stuff. Does it make me a bad guy?
Ok sometimes when I get bored I practice hacking stuff,but I don't hack any body does it make a bad guy
7 / 3 by savage.k
does anyone else think that the notifications are annoying?
i'm just saying that the content reminders to post something annoys me soo much i want to throw what ever im using at a wall.
3 / 2 by Dark_Link
what does money exist
I don't get it? money has destroyed our whole entire economy we are currently in debt with China and we wony stop by more think about it money has destroyed our ozone zone has put animals to death and has put America in depth
5 / 0 by MeowMeowMarta
Crazy & Funny :D