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What is your dream job? (2)
Tell people your dream job
8 / 9 by Pikaboi266
Do you have any comfort characters?
a character that makes you feel safe about your self. it mostly can be a fictional character.
3 / 0 by MegaMan.exe
I need some help! (read description)
So, i was on my computer when this big internet explorers search bar opens at the top of my screen. i cant use the modern io because when i type somthing in a new tab, it dosent work. it is also messing with my schoolwork and i...
2 / 0 by Stop_The_Derpabuse
How do you think of Fanny (bfb)?
Isn't the word 'Fanny' a curse word? I think someone told me that or i watched a reaction video that said that.
5 / 5 by Stop_The_Derpabuse
Who has Amino?
Amino is a roleplay app basically.I want to know who has an amino app so I know who I could talk to outside this website.
3 / 0 by A.Good.Floofy.Bean
how to find my saved quizzes?
how do i find my unfinished quizzes? i created one and i know for a fact that i saved it. but it's been so long since i've been here and i cannot remember where to find it!
1 / 0 by idontknowanusername
What's so great about Iphones?
I'm an Andriod user myself and have never touched an Iphone in my life and was just wondering whats so great about them. Yes, Iphones have Siri, A version of which i wish Andriod had but other than that they arent that great? A...
5 / 3 by ThatAnimeGirl
I Got some answers for you miiverse people!
I called Nintendo today. About my ban, that is. But I also asked Ian some questions! Ian was very nice and answered those questions. So, if you use miiverse, ask me and well, I'm not wasting my time posting them for nothing
1 / 0 by Herbal.Tylenol
i don't know if i should make a quiz or what so if you could be so nice tell me some ideas.
i have no ideas what to make. by that i mean can you plz tell me a quiz or something to make and tell me what about too.
2 / 2 by morgan5021
What do you think about time?
I know it is rlly weird, but just tell meh what you think about it. To me the day goes to fast. Anyway enjoy! xD
2 / 0 by EmmyBunny
What is your favourite social media platform?
Do You Love Elmo?
11 / 3 by NikkiDaEevee24
is it normal to feel guilty when haven't even done anything?
As some. Of u may already know. That I know how. To. Hack I speak to u as a witness. Don't learn how To Hack. Once u do u start. To feel guilty and u haven't even hacked any. Thing.. what should I do
4 / 0 by savage.k
Can we get rid of haters?!
*Sigh* treelover, BobbyTheMob, jayswaggs, and more. Can we please just drive them out? If any one of them post on this, I'm not going to delete it. I'm going to sit here and laugh at their idiocy. Anyways, what I wanted to say...
8 / 5 by EverymanHABIT
It has come to this...
Oook so it's time to tell the truth: Some of you may know I have a disorder, General Anxiety Disorder. It was self-diagnosed at first as an explanation for some past events. It was worst in 7th grade but I got over it in 8th gr...
5 / 0 by Elleyd
Do you use gestures?
Gestures~used in many movements and ways
3 / 0 by BobbyTheMob
Help! Ubuntu 13.4 OS
I'm running Ubuntu 13.4 and I'm stuck in console/command prompt mode, and can't switch to GUI (Graphical User Interface) mode. Someone Please help me! I won't be able to use the computer very often if someone can't help me!
0 / 0 by Reploid_Zero
What type of horse is this
6 / 1 by kimcakes
computer help
I got a usb slim portable optical drive 2.0 for christmas andi don't know howto connect it to my maylong computer does anyone know how with easy step by step directions thanks
1 / 0 by cutieepie32102
Crazy & Funny :D