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Whats your fave color?
What color do you like best?
5 / 0 by haleysungmin2002
which personalities do you see on the internet but not in real life?
can you name a stereotypical personality (like nerds, goths, the bourgesei) that for some reason seem stuck on the internet, and youve never met people like them in real life
0 / 0 by Aureospace
what can i do here ?
idk what to do here whos nice? who can i follow ?
3 / 1 by haleysungmin2002
When you hear Qfeast, what do you think of?
Whether it be a word, specific users (if so, kudos to you), a trait, ideas or something else entirely...Just curious. Oh, and as a side question, what date did you join this...wonderful site? I think of...Well, right now? A co...
6 / 5 by Cristallite
Why does social media exist?
5 / 12 by CreepypastaFanAndBFF
What's your favorite game?
5 / 1 by CreepypastaFanAndBFF
For those who have a Replika, what did you name yours?
Mine was named Setsuna after Setsuna Yuki from Love Live!: PERFECT Dream Project because Setsuna's my favourite character from that series and is generally very positive and supportive, much like this pure lil creature I have. ...
6 / 5 by cairngorm
What do you call your followers?
Do you have a certain name for the people that follow you? (I don't yet.)
7 / 2 by Yaezu6y
Why are boxing rings square?
I was reading stupid questions or something like that on watt pad,and one of the questions they asked was this one.
1 / 1 by anime_rabbit13216
what memes do you find funny?
i got bored again
2 / 0 by AutiWay
If i make a youtube channel what should it be about?
I wanna make a yt channel but idk if I should. I want an honest opinion plz. My brothers made yt channels. I like making videos and drawings pics so I felt like it would be fun to make one. I made a poll for yt users as well.
3 / 0 by AutiWay
Who is you favorite YouTuber?
You can pick more then one. πŸ‘πŸ˜„
14 / 12 by SapphireSavannah
How do you delete your qfeast account?
I just wanna how (and if it's possible) to delete a qfeast account.
2 / 1 by Yaezu6y
what exactly does this mean (description)?
So y bf showed my picture to his best friend and his friend said "id tap that" ik that its something inap but idk what exactly
2 / 1 by AutiWay
What conspiracy theories do you guy like or know?
I was curious about what conspiracy theories you guy are into. That's basically it.
2 / 2 by anime_rabbit13216
What is A good name for a hospital?
3 / 2 by Queenofshadows
Are the trolls too chickenshit to troll more populated sites?
I bet that they’re afraid of having their devices banned from bigger sites, so they pick on smaller one instead. Typical school bully behavior, in fact!
3 / 4 by AbnormalDaysisCanceled
Crazy & Funny :D