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What do you call your followers?
Do you have a certain name for the people that follow you? (I don't yet.)
9 / 4 by Yaezu6y
Why are boxing rings square?
I was reading stupid questions or something like that on watt pad,and one of the questions they asked was this one.
1 / 1 by anime_rabbit13216
what memes do you find funny?
i got bored again
3 / 0 by AutiWay
If i make a youtube channel what should it be about?
I wanna make a yt channel but idk if I should. I want an honest opinion plz. My brothers made yt channels. I like making videos and drawings pics so I felt like it would be fun to make one. I made a poll for yt users as well.
3 / 0 by AutiWay
Who is you favorite YouTuber?
You can pick more then one. 👍😄
15 / 17 by SapphireSavannah
Villain neutral or hero?
Who do you prefer hero or villian or maybe neutral choose your side I'm gonna start a pretend war it's hero vs villians so basically I'll start a role play page for those who wanna be part of this it's one huge role play
14 / 8 by Firey_is_back
How do you delete your qfeast account?
I just wanna how (and if it's possible) to delete a qfeast account.
2 / 1 by Yaezu6y
what exactly does this mean (description)?
So y bf showed my picture to his best friend and his friend said "id tap that" ik that its something inap but idk what exactly
2 / 1 by AutiWay
What conspiracy theories do you guy like or know?
I was curious about what conspiracy theories you guy are into. That's basically it.
1 / 0 by anime_rabbit13216
What is A good name for a hospital?
3 / 2 by Samanthavs.Zero
Are the trolls too chickenshit to troll more populated sites?
I bet that they’re afraid of having their devices banned from bigger sites, so they pick on smaller one instead. Typical school bully behavior, in fact!
3 / 4 by CorbijnNollyPliggy
What would be a better use if time? Trolling Qfeast, or trolling a site that is more well known?
Let’s be real here, wouldn’t more people care if you tried spreading the hate speech on a site like Tumblr or Newgrounds or some shit?
1 / 1 by CorbijnNollyPliggy
What fandom would I be? (read description)
If I were the human version of a fandom, what fandom would I be? It can be any fandom
1 / 0 by YandereQueen
What's your favorite creepypasta? (1)
It's that time of month again! Time for spooks and scares, and of course internet horror stories that we call "Creepypastas". So, what's your favorite creepypasta? Comment below!
4 / 4 by YandereQueen
What would be the ULTIMATE Nolly meme?
Submit your idea for funny Nolly memes, and maybe I will make it real when I get some spare time
1 / 1 by CorbijnNollyPliggy
Do you guys know Isle of Tune? If you do, what have you created on there?
Um, just asking. Leave a reply, pls
2 / 0 by Cute_Strawberry_Lemongrass_Jelly
Do you guys think Kahoot's music is a bop?
I enjoy Kahoot's music. I'm wondering if guys enjoy it to
7 / 8 by anime_rabbit13216
Have you see Malk?
6 / 5 by Stop_The_Derpabuse
Crazy & Funny :D