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What Does Color Taste Like?
7 / 7 by PrincessLuna1
What is the definition of your own word?
what if you made up a word? if you did, what does it mean? i wanna know :0
7 / 1 by PrincessLuna1
What are the top 10 anime battles?
I await the memes
1 / 0 by Ugly.Birds_From.Shiro
If you had to date a nightguard, which one would it be?
I bet a lot of people would pick my brother, the purple guy
6 / 0 by KatrinAfton
are you mlg dank meme person?
are you? otherwise your a YTP person
9 / 7 by troler5689
what is your favorite sound?
10 / 1 by Chicachu22
What do you not like about Fandoms?
Tell me what is your fandom and what do you really hate about the fandom. I believe it's the "not-child-friendly" stuff that people do not want to see.
6 / 2 by Dr._alphys
What comes up when you search up your Qfeast username?
Type your Qfeast username, then go to google image,last tell me what you see. (I suck at grammar)
15 / 0 by TheUltimateWaifu
How many languages and which languages do you speak?
I want to know how many and wich languages you speak and/or write and/or at least know about. It can be some languages you just know some words. Like I know just some words on japanese and korean and very few words on chinese a...
10 / 0 by Qmind91
Favourite FNaF Character?
Eh, look at the fanart of me!
10 / 2 by yeeet
what is a nerd
all of my friends say it is some one that wears glasses and sometimes someone with braces I think it is someone that is really really really smart what do u think?
10 / 9 by Mindfang
why dose my boyfriend not talk to me?
I talk to him everyday but he dose not respond. I don't know if he just is busy or he just dose not like me any more. What should I do?
2 / 0 by zombiegirl5544
What's your most searched thing on google?
Mine's derp... I have no idea why...
27 / 21 by Foxy_The_Amazing_Pirate_Fox
What Does BTW mean???
What Does BTW mean???
14 / 1 by Joeylover11
What does this mean?
What does the parenthesis with the number in it mean in a tests title?
1 / 0 by Team_Finnick
Can someone give me more infomation about app inventor for android?
i am doing a computer science practical investigation and i need a little bit more information on app inventor?
0 / 0 by elliemegan
Can someone help me with my PERL script?
I'm trying to make a PERL script run only when it finds a specific PERL module file. Can anybody help me?
0 / 0 by Reploid_Zero
Alieware-can it be refunded?
I bought an Alienware aurora R3 last Christmas, so its not even a year old. Now I m freaking pissed of it 65% of the time i had it I am just trying to fix problems. First my graphics card had a problem my screen was on blue lin...
1 / 1 by winterspring
What do you think is the best laptop??
i think the best laptop is the Alienware m17x r4...
3 / 0 by XXtremeCHILLzz
Crazy & Funny :D