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So the Doctor got a chatroom...
Well this is for all the people who want to see some Doctor Who Fanfics made or just want something fun and interesting to read when they're bored! By the way, these fanfictions are about the Tenth Doctor. From when he lose...
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Songwriter's Playbook
Okay well I'm going to write some songs and then you can rate and/or comment on them and then give me some idea of what you want for the next subject of the song!! Randomness is okay, just be prepared that it might be turned in...
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This is a love story, but it also has a supernatural side to it. I wrote this because I was inspired by a book called 'Angel', so I decided to write a similar story of my own. Enjoy!!
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This is a short story about what would have happened if Draco Malfoy and Hermoine Granger had got together.
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