About killedbythesketchbook

  • -I'm emo
    -I love Doctor Who.
    -I love this Irish guy who I haven't seen in about two
    1. Creepypastas
    2. Punk/emo stuff
    3. Rock music
    4. This emoticon XD
    6. Adventure Time (don't judge it's amazing)
    7. Big Bang Theory

    I don't like:
    1. Haters
    2. TOWIE or any other reality TV show
    3. People who think Doctor Who is "gay" or "old".
    4. I HATE CLOWNS :(
    5. I hate Smile Dog. He's creepy.
    6. Cleverbot. It's so annoying.
    7. My life (no kidding here my birth wasn't even planned).
    8. Stereotypes. Especially of emos or nerds.

    By the way, if anyone judges MayaDescole123 DobbyStar123 or XxDrewIsYourMasterXx I will find them and kill them. With my pinkie finger. No, really. I would do that.
  • Gender Female
  • Born on June 20, 2001
  • Lives in United Kingdom
  • Joined Qfeast on April 26, 2013