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'Creepypasta Poetry Collection' Ideas
HELLO!! This page is for all of my fans, friends and any who have good ideas of which Creepypasta should be next. To everyone who enjoyed my poem THANK YOU!! *Hugs everyone* No haters please....
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Nyan cat roleplay!
Hi.I'm NyanCatLover24 and I entered Qfeast yesterday I would love if you follow me and read my page.Thank you
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Friend Page!
I am new. well I joined yesterday. 9/6/13. and if you are reading this after 9/7/13 I'm not really that new anymore. my first friend official was Gisselle that's her username. I don't know if that's how you spell it b...
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Awkward Moments
share your awkwardness? o.O or um just laugh at other.. i guess ;-; ._.
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Teen quotes!!
Who has evr gone on facebook, twitter tumblr or google whatever, and seen a teen quote that they could really relate to? C'mon, I've seen sooo much. Post ur fave or best teen quotes here, or even da funniest x I'm also making ...
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Harry Potter Page (2)
This is for harry potter fans. I especially made it for my friend puglover3000. Hope she likes it.
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Shine Bright Like A Diamond
My page is about how smart you can be or how fun you can be to where you just shine bright like a diamond I really hope you enjoy it!! :)
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Spike, Come Back!
Were you Spike's friend? If you weren't, if all you did was hate her and pick on her for no reason whatsoever, go away! I've made this page to see how many friends/members we can get to prove to Spike hwo mnay fabulous caring f...
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Harry Potter Fan Club!
For all the potterheads out there hope you can subscribe or be a member! WARNING UNCONTROLLABLE FANGIRLING!!! subscribe reqest anything lets talk about hp and our love or it!!!! :D <(^_^)>
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Creepypasta Lovers!!!
If you like creepypastas, then, what are you waiting for? Come join!! In the page you can tell us to look up something for a long lost creepypasta or recommend videos!! So, come on!!
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