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*Sigh* I Need A Blog
Right so I'm thinking of starting a blog but I don't know what to write it about and what to call it. I've posted this question for hopes that you guys have some ideas that you can give me ;)
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Does anyone know some good bands that do Phoenix Wright songs?
I was browsing for some good music to download on Spotify but I couldn't find any songs about Phoenix Wright or Professor Layton. Does anyone know any good bands that do songs about any of these?
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How do I ask him out???
So there's this guy that always is nice to me and sticks up for me and he said that I was pretty. I really want to ask him out but I have no idea how to do it without messing it up. Please help me choose what to say!!!
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Should I do this?? Read description below...
Well I really want to show off my singing voice but my dad won't let me start a band and I also REALLY want to get famous. So, should I make a band, go on YouTube, or keep looking?? Please help!!
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Sorry that this wasn't a quiz, it's just that my computer won't let me add any pictures to anything so I can't make them. Anyway, here are the questions: 1. What's your favourite colour? *hides behind the Do...
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Spot the quote!!!
Just write which ones you think they are in the answers. 1. "Would you like a jellybaby?" 2. "Asta la vista, baby" 3. "Don't drop the banana!" "Why?" "Good source of potassium!" 4. "Bowties are cool" 5. "To the girl ON ...
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Well here are some things about me: 1. I like the way I look. Like in a slightly vain way. 2. I think aliens are real. 3. I also think that someone like the Doctor could also be real. 4. I believe in werewolves and want t...
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Why do you think the meaning of life is???
Well, in R.E., we had to write down what we thought the meaning of life was, but I had so many aswers I couldn't choose. So I asked my teacher, and she said she didn't know. SO WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THAT WHOLE LESSON THEN??!! i...
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