This is a love story, but it also has a supernatural side to it. I wrote this because I was inspired by a book called 'Angel', so I decided to write a similar story of my own. Enjoy!!

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Prologue: Awakened

I could hear a soft rustling sound, getting closer and closer. I tried to open my eyes, but they were tightly shut, as if someone had bound them shut with duct tape.

I struggled and moaned, but I could not move-I was paralysed from the waist down.

Again, I heard the soft, familiar rustling of leaves behind me, but this time they were accompanied by the harsh stomp of footsteps. Obviously the figure beside me was on a very important mission.

I opened my eyes. I could just about see a tall figure kneeling beside me, with neatly cut black hair and amber eyes, beautiful and soft, like a does, but with hidden roughness that only I could see.

I thrashed around blindly, trying helplessly to escape, but a firm, smooth hand stopped me in my tracks. His skin was so pale, milky white, and it was as cold as ice, as if this person had never set foot inside the warmth of summer.

"Ssh," the dark figure whispered. "You'll be okay. Everything will be okay. You're safe now." His voice was soft and dreamy- he was obviously not from around here, from Lincoln. His voice sounded Scottish, but it also sounded as if it was Welsh, and Irish, and a whole lot of different accents that I just could not put a name to.

I could feel his cool hands stroking my hair, twining the waves gently around his fingers.

"Sleep well, my angel, my only." I felt his smooth lips gently brush my temple, then my collarbone, then my forehead.

His words echoed inside my head. "Sleep well, my angel, my only." They repeated again and again, getting ever fainter as his footsteps got ever softer and further away.

My eyelids began to droop again, but  this time, I surrendered to my drowsiness. It would be a long walk back home in the morning, but that was the least of my worries.

                           Am I ever going to see him again?

Hmm. You're going to have to figure that out for yourself.
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