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Timetravel, it's magic! A DW fanfic
When the Doctor hears the voices of his past regenerations inside his head, Rory is captured than Sontarans, a Whovian's wish just might come true.
5 reads 5 readers 7 by sisaloofafump
Young Sherlock
This was a short story that I had to write for english class. I thought that it would be a good start for a first upload.
13 reads 11 readers 5 by SonofArathorn
A Complete List of Alt Codes
Hello Everyone! I have put together a list of Alt-code symbols. Alt-code symbols are symbols made with the "alt" button and a code that is typed in using the numerical keypad (the num lock one). For example. . .Alt+1=☺ Enjoy!
44 reads 28 readers 7 by JeweledOwl812
Qfeast Monthly New Year
This is the biggest QM of the year! The naming of the Qfeast mascot and the Qfeast Awards!
269 reads 52 readers 16 by Fearless
Forced and Hurt
Well, I will not spoil the story by putting a explanation of how it will go.
98 reads 45 readers 24 by Jeweled_Feather
How to do Algebra
A short few pages on how to do basic Algebra 1 and Pre-Algebra. Its not too bad, i promise.
15 reads 14 readers 10 by Mcdazzle2000
My Sleepless Piano
Just a rough draft thinking of new things want to see how you all like it so leave a comment and Ill reply as soon as possible thanks ;3
12 reads 11 readers 5 by Shine_Stories
I died yesterday. I'm not accepted into heaven. But I still have a chance to get in. Why I'm not accepted, you ask? I died doing bad. I died killing my best friend. If that makes any sense. I must prove myself worthy by doing g...
271 reads 33 readers 16 by Sarbar1010
The Dead of the Dawn
The roaring of the train passed as Marie stepped off of it. She clutched her coat tight to her body, hoping that it will give some kind of warmth. But the cold seeped into her skin. She was shivering like crazy. But she had to ...
11 reads 7 readers 3 by deanandcastiel
Misty's return (1)
Why? That's all she wants to know, on that evening. Why her? Her life and the worlds entwined
9 reads 8 readers 2 by Saltednuts
Short Stories
I've decidied to put together a collection of short stories, so here it is! Read it, and I hope you enjoy!
29 reads 16 readers 2 by JeweledOwl812
OC Story
This story is going to be made up entirely by your OCs. You just tell me them, who they are in the story and why you want them to be in this story. PLEASE DO IT! It means a lot to me, so please post your OCs! Terms and Conditi...
11 reads 5 readers 8 profile storyby rrnnpp
The Girl and her Fox
This is a short Fairy tale I thought up of today. Please give me feedback, if enough people like it I promise to finish it.
67 reads 17 readers 8 by RoseHeart
A Jace and Clary Fanfiction
Clary was drawing, Jace was investigating. Clace. Its a one-shot. Its cheesy but it will give you the FEELS. Enjoy!
75 reads 70 readers 1 by deanandcastiel
Qfeast Academy
Imagine what it would be like if all the Qfeasters went to a boarding school together to learn about fandoms. Follow the adventures of you and your Qfeast friends in this story as we go through school life together. . .
277 reads 50 readers 81 profile storyby McDermottsAngel
Priceless (A MIKA Fanfic)
I really don't know what to put, but this is a Mika fanfic about what it would be like if he was my age and went to my school. A tale of loneliness, love and friendship. Enjoy!
295 reads 30 readers 28 by McDermottsAngel
Four girls. Four stories. All brought together by one moon... And one fairy.
67 reads 21 readers 12 by kittenswag
i found this in my locker...i wrote it like two years ago... its not finished yet.
52 reads 23 readers 10 by xKenziex
Ok this is based on a dream I had. Yes a dream!!!! So basically Silver lives in a world were your partner gets chosen by picking a ring.
57 reads 25 readers 5 by Thehost
We only love once (A Neville/Luna hea
This story is about the Harry Potter characters Neville and Luna. It's like a small story of only one chapter. I take requests too!! Hope you like it!
7 reads 7 readers 2 by FunnyTheSadGurl