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ALERT! Alert!
I'm writing a new story! I promise it won't interfere with Cancerian, I SOLEMNLY SWEAR (I'm up to no good. Just kidding,l... okay maybe not) that I'll update both stories equally. So in my new story (which I can't start right n...
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Idea Approval
@CrystalWings asked a questions saying: What part do you play in Qfeast? Which gave me an idea... QFEAST THE MOVIE! kay, I don't have the details worked out YET... but I'll make a story about qfeast and such (maybe) :) So, if y...
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Why Do So Many People Even Like Twilight?
It's entirely about how important it is to have a sparkling fairy boyfriend! Besides for those of you who say J.K. Rowling copied Harry Potter: Harry Potter came out in 1997! Twilight came out in 2005! If anything Stephanie Mey...
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Who wants to be included in my story New Girl?
Okay! I'm looking for 1 new OC (And only one) for my story New Girl. Whoever comes up with the OC I like the best can have their OC in the story! Here's the format: Name: Personality: Looks: Hobbies: Crush/Bf/Gf: (optional) Ta...
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Do you think I should make a nickname for my followers?
Okay, this question may seem arrogant and whatever but do you think I should make a nickname for my followers? I've noticed a bunch of people have cute names fir their followers so I'm open to ideas! If you have ANY ideas I'd l...
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Is it just me or...
Is it me or is there like, this group of users on Qfeast who are just like this group of these popular users on Qfeast who are just like always joking with each other and talking and whatever? IDK if anyone else notices this. I...
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