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Collaboration Match-Up
Looking for someone to write a story with? Create a poll with? Make another account with? Find one here! I've noticed some Qfeasters are collaborating, and to be honest I'd love to try it myself. If you're looking for someone t...
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Quote Competitions
Probably around once a week I'll post a prompt for a quote competition! If you made the quote, please remember to tell me, if you didn't just tell me who it was said by (If you don't know put unknown) Some competitons while req...
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Fan Fiction Boot Camp
Welcome (or not) to fan fiction boot camp! Qfeast is not known for it's fan fics, and we must help with that! I will post prompts, and you must write a fan fiction according to the prompt. If the prompt is not for a fandom you ...
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New Girl Roleplay Page
Roleplay for my story New Girl! If you already have an OC please roleplay as your OC. Thank you!
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Photo Editors
Hi! @JeweledOwl812, @CrystalDiamond2323, @Ravenclaw3243, and I are doing a sort of business, where we use photo editing apps to edit photos for you! We can make collages (I credit Photofy) or other picture too, just send in a r...
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Survivor OC Creation Page
I'm creating a story based off the TV show Survivor. You don't need to watch the show to create an OC! There are 3 tribes: brains, brawn, and beauty. Here is the OC information form: Name: (First and Last) Age: (18 or older) ...
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The Fandoms Unite!
Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Hunger Games. LET THE FANDOMS UNITE!!! The three most awesome books of all time...
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