Misty's return (1)

Misty's return (1)

Why? That's all she wants to know, on that evening. Why her? Her life and the worlds entwined

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That evening

Misty's return

You will do it tonight, do not fail me
Misty jolted out of bed, for months now she'd been getting these nightmares. She wasn't sure what the dreams were about, but she was sure of one thing, it had to be done tonight.......

As she walked home from school that evening, she wasn't careful, she didn't notice the van silently creeping toward her or the black clad figure tiptoeing behind her. Suddenly a force latched on to her. A mans voice whispered "you come with me, or die." 

It made sense, but why her. Why was it her they took. Why?

To this day I still can't figure it out but I know one thing, keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.....

After she awoke, the first thing she thought was am I dead. Her body ached and their was just white as far as she could tell. Misty was laying on a cold steel bed, then the light dimmed.
"Ah, the one who caused us so much trouble," a mans voice purred, he had a silky accent, Italian maybe.
"You my dear are going to help us enormously." 

What they ment I had no idea, I found out quickly though
" we are going to get along nicely"
"Who are you people" Misty utterd
" ooh, you don't want to know"
The light dimmed to red,

"We're hell on earth"

She struggled against her bonds, her being captured, but why. By whom she would never find out

"You are the special one, the final piece of our collection, my dear, you see you are priceless and now we have you..."

"We are unstoppable in our plot no one will stop us"
Misty felt herself becoming drowsy, she can't fall asleep again.
Who are these people?
What do they want with her?
She will never ever ever find out........

During her last night she had the nightmare, now it was all reality.
All she awoke it dawned lion her, something she had over heard her parents saying. Another, a copy, a clone. Their were two of her and they were dangerous, to themselves, and to the rest of the nation. It's like he body was a half, a core with out a shell.

Who was she?
What was going to happen to her?
Where was she?
When did this all start, when would it go away?
Why her?

I will never find out, never have, never will


Mistys arm ached, a needle inserted Ito her forearm. A hospital. That's were she was, a nurse bustled over,
"Oh good you're awake, how are you feeling?"
Her head ached and her body felt like lead but she couldn't find her voice

I never have recovered my voice not even 50 years on.

what they did I have no Idea, whatever they did it scared me for life. No one is sure what happened, some people don't believe me some never will.
That's life I'm afraid, people change, things change, times changeout people won't accept change not ever will everyone accoustom  to change. People try to change things that don't work others succeed, like they did with me. I'll never be the same, that day still haunts me, it will never go away.

Why I will never know.

Later in hospital I was told I had been unconscious for a year, in a coma, they found me bruised and broken down a cliff face, my scars run deep, never to be filled
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