A Jace and Clary Fanfiction

A Jace and Clary Fanfiction

Clary was drawing, Jace was investigating. Clace. Its a one-shot. Its cheesy but it will give you the FEELS. Enjoy!

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Clary's Drawing

Her eyes were concentrated on the canvas. The light that illuminated from the windowsill shined on her silky, firey hair. Her pencil glided slowly on the canvas, occasionally stopping so she could relax her hand. Clary continued, this time putting color into her art.

Jace was leaning against her bedroom door. He knew she didn't know he was there. But Jace couldn't make out what she was drawing. All he could see was a blur of colors.

Jace was walking casually through the institute when he noticed Clary's door perched open. He decided to investigate.

And that's when he found her in this position. Her hair was pushed up into a tight bun. She was wearing a plain black T-shirt that hung loosely over her body, and shorts that went up to her knees.

But her clothing didn't matter, what mattered was her drawing. Jace took a step inside her bedroom, walked over to her, and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Hey, Jace." She said. He responded by kissing the top of her head.

"Hey." His nose nuzzled into her neck. Her scent was so sweet, Jace thought. She smelled like cinnamon. She leaned into his embrace, and they swayed back and forth. They stayed like that for a while. Until Jace remembered that he had the urge to see what she was drawing.

And when he saw it, his heart stopped. Or it was beating too fast that he couldn't catch up with it.

It was beautiful, and magnificent, and wonderful. He couldn't find a name for what he was feeling. But this drawing was giving him feelings.

He didn't register that his lips were parted, and his arms were hanging loosely from his sides.

"Jace... are you... okay?"

When he heard the sound of Clary's voice he snapped out of it. He nodded slowly, and went back to looking at the drawing.

There was a boy in the drawing, with blonde hair, and runes all over his arms and chest. He was shirtless, and he had his arms crossed over his chest. There was a fearless rune on the center of his chest. His face was expressionless. But his eyes told his story. They were painted crystal blue. Kind of like his.

Kind of like his...

"It's you." Clary said.

"What?" Jace replied. He turned his head her way, and sat down on the stool beside her.

"It's you." She repeated. I drew you. I wanted to. I was bored. And I needed some inspiration. I was thinking of you and suddenly this happened." Pause. "So, yeah, It's you."

Jace was stunned. His heart was kind of jumping up and down because she was thinking of him.

Jace cupped the sides of Clary's face and brought her lips to his. He kissed her. The skin that was touching his was like a jolt of electricity through his body. The kiss wasn't fast, but it wasn't slow either. Her hands traveled from his waist to his hands, holding him to her.

They parted. Clary was slightly panting. But Jace was just smiling like a lovesick idiot. When Clary got her breath back, he kissed every inch of her face. Starting from her lips, to her cheeks, then her forehead, the tip of her nose, and finally a small birthmark under her chin.

"Woah." Clary was breathless. "If I knew you were going to kiss me like that I would of done that a long time ago."

Jace laughed, a laugh that made Clary's heart warm up. "Are you flirting with me, Clary Fray?"


Jace grinned in ear-splitting grin and kissed her again.

Clary continued drawing, this time Jace watched her. Occasionally kissing her here and there. Clary tried not to smile, but failed anyway.

"So, do you need a nude model? 'Cause I'd totally be up for that."

"Jace, please."

"So is that a yes...?"

"No, Jace."


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So cute!
on November 08, 2014