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About Flare
I HATE BOREDOM! Ok so I decided to make something about Flare My... 4th no 3rd oc
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The Story Of Sapphire
A re-write of the original story. This is Sapphire’s past, present and future...enjoy!
17 reads 8 readers 13 by sapphirethehedgehog
About Casey
Get to know my 2nd Oc I have made in.. I have no Idea how long just haven't decided to make one for her yet so I mad dis
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About Samantha
Here's something about one of my Ocs... Just to know more about her and some other things excuse my bad spelling
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About Violet (a weird oc)
You guys may be wondering about some of my ocs so ill give you guys some hints about my ocs in case if you are wondering why the oc does this and that!
8 reads 7 readers 3 profile storyby Alexthecat
Summer Camp Story
I made this story before but due to mainly my pure laziness I didn't finihs it so this is a remake! I want to thank: @Chocolate_And_Cheese, @Lady_Artems, @Noko_The_Chocolatey_Neko, @Rebel_Assasin, @Yamilettethehedgehog101, @Kin...
404 reads 29 readers 131 by sapphirethehedgehog
Sonic vs Shadow
As Sonic relaxed chilling in Chris's house/mansion he watched the local news on the t.v. "A Black and Red hedgehog, referd to 'Shadow the hedgehog' has destroyed a numerous ammount of buildings in downtown metropolis, this hed...
98 reads 50 readers 11 by Eolhc.OverLord
Frozen Heart (Icicle's Story - Rewritten)
Admittingly, this story did need re-writing, because my skills weren't as good as they are now, so now I'm writing Icicle's story all over again! Enjoy the new improved version!
21 reads 18 readers 7 profile storyby Queen_Miku
Ask My OC's!
From the page to the story! Won't that be fun! We take questions, AND dares! So ask away!
14 reads 13 readers 3 profile storyby Queen_Miku
The Wind Wielder
Everyone knows that Jackie the Hedgehog is a recent royal, taking her role as Princess of Winosa. But how did she get the crown? It wasn't at random, oh no; Jackie earned that crown. But what did she have to go through to earn ...
36 reads 20 readers 5 by Queen_Miku
The Selection - My OC Backstories
This story explains the backgrounds of the OC's I have put forward for The Selection. Trust me, some are from sadness, some are from determination, but either way, you'll love it! [Note - The chapter will be told from the POV o...
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Thank You - 30 Month Anniversary
In this story, I'll be taking the time to say a huge thank you to some special people. I wouldn't be where I am right now without all the followers who have helped me over these 30 months, but some stand out from others. And th...
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When my dream came true
This story features Shadow and his impossible love... Shadow x Maria shippers, that's for you! :)
12 reads 9 readers 2 by MayaTheHedgehog
Geniuses and Criminals
A mysterious school for talented high schoolers opens and sends at letters to the teens invited. Then, one day, the school is taken over by a group of criminal. The kids have to use their special skills to help the criminals in...
84 reads 11 readers 0 by ScarletRoses
Lea-Anne the Hedgehog
Imagine that you never knew who your brother was. That you spent your entire life trying to uncover something you don't even know could be true. That somewhere out there, you had a brother, that you never met, or even knew if h...
120 reads 23 readers 8 by Queen_Miku
Nightmare in Mobius
This story is based of the epic film series "Nightmare on Elm Street". Yep, we're talking Freddie Cruger!
22 reads 17 readers 10 profile storyby Queen_Miku
The Future of Mobius [Jackie's Story]
One of the few to remain a Mobian, discover Jackie's side of the story before the event began, how she founded the Dauntless Mobians, and her life being the leader in a world where most people are now robots.
357 reads 39 readers 110 by Queen_Miku
Human-Hedgehog [Remastered]
[This story is a re-written version of my published story under the same name. It has been re-written because of an inconsistent flow in the story, thus the inability to continue it, but this version WILL have the consistency t...
29 reads 17 readers 7 by Queen_Miku
Company, That's All That Matters [Sonackie Fan-Fic]
Secrets, tears, sadness. It's been shielded in this relationship. But when the shield breaks, when the truth is told, when the secrets are exposed, company is all that matters in the end. Something that Sonackie know too well.
19 reads 18 readers 2 profile storyby Queen_Miku
When Sonic and CP (Creepypasta) Collide
Ever wondered what would happen if the worlds of Sonic the Hedgehog and Creepypasta meet? Let's find out! And also, sorry about the pic...
90 reads 39 readers 18 by Queen_Miku