School chaos

School chaos

this is one of my old stories, but basically when Jaz and some of her friends walk to school, they notice that somethings not right, what happens when someone takes over their school? and are looking for someone? Also *** means new part or changing povs.

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Chapter 1.

how it all started. we were only going to school.

Hello, my name is Jaz the hedgehog but you can call me Jaz for short. As you can see, I'm basically like any teenager, go to school with my friends and go home. But I didn't expect anything bad to happen until a couple of days ago, Things turned bad.

Today as I was going to school with my friends Scarlet, Cindy and Ivy. We noticed that our school seen to look different. "Hey Jaz, why does our school look different?" Cindy seems to ask because her face said it all. Scarlet and Ivy were trying to see what Cindy was looking at while I just had a bad feeling about it. You see, school just didn't look it's normal self, it seem to have been taken over by someone who didn't like our school. Just then, we saw Lola, our other friend, who is always very shy when people talk to her, walk over to us. "Have you seemed what happened to our school? It was fine two days ago but's different!" Everyone nodded. As we looked at our school, Scarlet notice two things, 1.A sign that said "All those who are not at school, PLEASE find help" and 2. All of our favourite places at school were still there, untouched. So why would someone take over our school but leave all our favourite places alone. Unless they were looking for someone that they very hated. So the five of us watch our school, to see if we could see anyone different that we hadn't seen before.
Just then, Lola and Cindy saw someone different in the school with, what look like weird-looking robot teacher?! Then Scarlet, Ivy and I saw what they were looking at; they sure look like I've seen them before but with whom? It's then I realized that I remembered whose robots they belong to, Dr. Eggman. But why would Dr. Eggman be at our school and who is he looking for? Anyway, whoever he was looking for is very important, that he HAS to take...over...our...SCHOOL! It wasn't fair, why our school, why not the school that wasn't our school! Just then, some robots were coming out of the side gate and uh oh, their coming this way.
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